Have you seen the Inferno trailer yet?

Inferno trailerMaybe you did not know it, but at Hulu you can not only watch TV series and films, but they also show new trailers of films that will be released soon. You can for example watch the Inferno trailer at Hulu right now.

Inferno is the film based on the book written by Dan Brown, in which we again meet the fantastic Robert Langdon (player by Tom Hanks). Once again Robert Langdom needs to solve some special signs and symbols, and the foundation of it all is the book Inferno by Dante, which has a big impact on whatever Robert Langdom has to find out and solve in the present day. Maybe he is out there to save humanity?

Inferno has a story that takes place in several cities, but maybe the most important and biggest part takes place in the city of Florence. The film itself has been recorded in big parts in Budapest in Hungary. Are you ready to take a look at the trailer? You can watch it on Hulu (find out more about watching Hulu from abroad here), or you can simply take a look at the trailer beneath which has been embedded from YouTube.

If you want to read Inferno before you get to see the film buy a copy of Inferno at Amazon.com.

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