Do you have a Hulu subscription and want to use it abroad? Would you like to watch Hulu overseas? Find out how to watch Hulu from abroad and how to register for Hulu and pay for Hulu outside the United States. Do you need help paying for Hulu as you do not own a payment card issued in the USA? Help is on the way!

Hulu is one of the best video-on-demand portals online. There is little doubt about the fact that Hulu is the best if you want to stay up to date with your favorite TV series and shows as you can see great content from NBC, Fox, CBS, ABC, and several other cable networks shortly after it was originally aired on television in the United States. This is what makes Hulu so popular. The fact that you might have a Hulu subscription will not help you however if you are located outside the USA. You will then get an error message as you can see in the pictures beneath. What can be done to get rid of that message so that you can start watching Hulu from abroad?

Hulu from abroad message
See this message when you want to visit Can’t watch Hulu from abroad?
Hulu error message
The Hulu video library is only available for streaming within the United States.

The problem is the same that you will experience when you try to watch Netflix abroad, NOW TV abroad, HBO Max abroad, and Amazon Prime abroad. Luckily the solution is easy and if you read on in this article for a few minutes you will be ready to watch Hulu on all continents of the world in a few minutes.

How to watch Hulu outside the USA?

To watch Hulu abroad you need to give the Hulu website the feeling that you are located in the United States. That can be done very easily! What you need is an American IP address which is something you can acquire easily by signing up for the services of PureVPN or ExpressVPN.

PureVPN and ExpressVPN are both VPNs provider with servers in more than 100 nations worldwide. Once you sign up for their services you can connect to servers in more than 100 nations using their VPN application. At the moment you connect to a server in the USA, you will get an American IP address and you can start watching Hulu online from Europe and all other continents online within seconds.


PureVPN has a 31-day full refund policy, in case you do not like the services they provide after trying. One PureVPN subscription can be used on 5 devices at the same time, and they have amazing applications available for all important platforms, including Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Fire TV, and more!


ExpressVPN is more expensive than PureVPN, but it is the fastest VPN provider on the market. You can use one subscription on five devices simultaneously, and besides this, it is the best VPN provider for unblocking lots of Netflix regions and TV networks all across the world. They have a 30-day full refund policy.

How to unblock Hulu with PureVPN and ExpressVPN?

  • In PureVPN open the application, select the Streaming Mode, click Popular Websites, and choose Hulu streaming. Connect!
  • In ExpressVPN, open the application, and connect to any random server in the United States. You are ready to stream Hulu.

Those were the short instructions telling you how to watch Hulu from abroad using the VPN services of PureVPN and ExpressVPN. Follow those instructions and you are ready to watch a few minutes from now.

If you have problems related to watching Hulu from abroad, check our troubleshooting site where I have written articles on problems people often face as they try to watch Hulu from outside the USA.

How to create a Hulu account and pay for it without an American payment card?

For a long time, this has been the hardest nut to break for those who want to watch Hulu abroad. If you have an American payment card, it has been easy. But without one, it has been really hard. So, how can you solve this problem and create a Hulu account and pay for your Hulu subscription from abroad?

This is how it is done!

How to pay for Hulu abroad – Method 1.

  • Visit the website of Shipito and register an account to create a free shipping address in the USA.
  • Visit the website of USUnlocked and register an account.
  • Deposit some money to your newly created USUnlocked account.
  • After a few days, the money will arrive in your account. You will then be able to unlock your virtual payment card issued in the USA. This can be used to pay for Hulu and other American streaming services.
  • Pay for Hulu and enjoy the show. Use your Shipito address as your billing address during the payment process.

How to pay for Hulu abroad – Method 2.

  • First of all, use one of the mentioned VPN services and connect to a server in the United States.
  • Visit MyGiftCardSupply and buy a Hulu gift card (in 25 USD or 50 USD value).
  • After you have bought the gift card, wait for the email to arrive with the actual gift card. Click the link to see the gift card code.
  • Visit the Hulu Gift Card page and start redeeming the gift card by adding your code.
  • You can now register a brand new account and select the package you are interested in. Your account will be valid for as long as you have funds available in your gift card account.

Both methods are actually working and they will help you watch Hulu and pay for Hulu all across the world.

Watching Seinfeld on Hulu from abroad
Watching Seinfeld on Hulu from abroad
Watching Elementary on Hulu from overseas
Watching Elementary on Hulu from overseas
Blindspot on Hulu in Europe
Blindspot on Hulu in Europe

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I have had so many fantastic moments watching Hulu in Europe, and I hope these instructions will help you get some fantastic hours watching your favorite TV series online.

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    1. So do I… it works great, and you can connect and disconnected whenever you want to! Thanks for the comment!

  1. I just wanted to ask if the instructions here still work? I know that a lot has happened with VPN’s lately, and lots of services like Netflix and Amazon Prime block VPN providers when trying to stream their services overseas. What’s up with Hulu… are the instructions here working and up to date?

    1. Hey there BJ,
      your question is 100% valid, and I am glad to tell you that the methods here are tested all the time, meaning that I am 99,9% sure that they should work properly as you give it a try. If not, most VPN providers still have a full refund policy, so there is no risk in trying. But, again… the methods described here for the purpose of streaming Hulu from abroad are working properly, and should make you able to stream Hulu online, no matter where you might be in the world.

    1. Thanks for the tip SInclair! I actually signed up for HideMyAss as well and used the Liberty Island servers, and now I am streaming Hulu from abroad as well. Thanks a lot for the comment. Hope HidemyASs want be blocked from Hulu in the near future…

    1. If you have Hulu Live TV you can stream Big Bang Theory, but if not, then you will not be able to stream The Big Bang Theory on Hulu!

  2. Hello,
    this seems to work in 2018 as well, meaning that it is up to date and worth recommending. Placed a bookmark at your site. Thanks!

  3. Hulu is by far the best platform for streaming… and I am so happy that the new This Is Us, The Good Place, Blindspot, Casual, and my other favorite shows are currently streaming on Hulu!

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