Amazon Prime is a fantastic product of, and it is getting more and more popular with each day passing by. Back in 2013, they had more than 10 million subscribers, but in 2022, that number exceeds 200 million subscribers (and growing). As a result, Amazon Prime has way more subscribers in the USA than Netflix (which has 60,000,000 subscribers in the USA).

To unblock Amazon Prime and access this great service from abroad, we strongly recommend using ExpressVPN. It is easy to set up and very reliable (and their annual plan comes at a 49% discount as of this writing).”

This article was last updated in September 2023 after I checked that the methods described in this article work properly.

I will divide this text into three parts.

This site is not affiliated with or any other Amazon site at all. We do help you access and enjoy your Amazon Prime subscription and stream Amazon videos abroad, but the content is not endorsed by Amazon itself.

Watch Amazon Prime from abroad

How to watch Amazon Prime from abroad?

Most people with a registered Amazon Prime account live in the United States. In other words, those of you reading this article are likely Americans with an Amazon Prime account currently located in another nation of the world.

Why can’t I watch Prime abroad?

As you subscribe to Amazon Prime in a nation, let us say the United States, you get access to all movies, series, music, and services included in Amazon Prime provided by This is a product available in the United States, but if you live in for example Spain you will not even be able to sign up for Amazon Prime because it is unavailable in the nation.

Therefore if you go on a holiday to for example Spain and want to watch Big Bang Theory or maybe a good film on your Amazon Prime account, you will not be able to do so, because of copyright regulations. Amazon Prime only has the right to broadcast products included in the Prime subscription to people located in the United States, so as you go abroad, you will lose those rights, even if you have a valid subscription. What a pity, huh? One of the screenshots below will show you what you might see if you try to watch Amazon Prime overseas.

Location restriction (1005)
This video isn’t available due to geographical licensing restrictions. For more details, please refer to Amazon Instant Video Terms of Use.
Service Area Restriction
Service Area Restriction on Amazon Prime – If you see this message read on to find out how to get rid of it!

This is what can be read on the Amazon Prime website concerning watching Amazon Prime from outside the United States.
Due to licensing agreements, you must be located in the U.S. or Puerto Rico (with a billing address and payment method from the U.S. or Puerto Rico) to stream Prime titles.

What can be done to fix this problem and still be able to watch Amazon Prime and enjoy your current subscription?

The solution is to get yourself an American IP address. But, it is not enough to simply get an American IP address to stream Amazon Prime. Lots of VPN providers offer you American IP addresses, but they are all blocked by Amazon Prime. For that reason, I have spent lots of time to find the name of a VPN service that does the job and has working VPN servers in the United States for Amazon Prime.

Lots of people suffer from the 4601 Error Message as they try to watch Amazon Videos from abroad, also using different VPN services. This article is up to date and will give you information about VPN services that work with Amazon Prime, at a time when lots of similar services are blocked by Amazon.

Get a new IP address and watch Amazon Prime from abroad

To get yourself a new IP address and to watch Amazon Prime or Amazon Instant Videos the solution is to use the VPN services of ExpressVPN.They give you great service and a working product. What they do, is that once you subscribe to their services, they will let you connect to their servers located worldwide. As you connect to a server in the UK, your online traffic and movements will be made through that server, making it look as if its origin is in the United Kingdom, and not where you are currently at. In other words, if you connect to a server in the United States, you will get yourself an American IP address, and thus you will be able to “trick” Amazon Prime, and you will be able to enjoy your Amazon Prime subscription at once!

The best way to stream Amazon Prime abroad

The best way to stream Amazon Prime abroad is by using the VPN services of ExpressVPN. They have a brilliant application, excellent customer service, and a 30-day full refund policy. In addition to streaming Amazon Prime abroad, you can also use ExpressVPN to access US Netflix.

Unblock Amazon Prime With ExpressVPN (49% OFF)

Visit the ExpressVPN website(and watch Amazon Videos online)

30-day money-back guarantee

Click the button above, visit their website, and sign up for their services. You can then download their VPN client to your mobile device, computer, or tablet, connect to a server in the USA and you are ready to stream Amazon Prime from abroad right away.

ExpressVPN will give you the best value for your money if you sign up for 12 months (as you get a lower monthly fee and three free months for free). And do not forget that you can also use ExpressVPN to watch Netflix from abroad, Hulu overseas, CBS All Access outside the US and so much more!

How to get an Amazon Prime account if you live in a nation where it is unavailable?

I will not write a very long answer to this one because it is effortless and the principle is the same as when you want to watch your Amazon Prime account from abroad. All you need to do is to get yourself an American IP address, which you can easily get using ExpressVPN. Then you create a new profile, and as you then visit with your new profile and with your American IP address (that you will get as you connect to a US server using ExpressVPN), you can sign up for Amazon Prime at once. Make sure to enter a US address on your profile (if you do not have one, just do a search for Walmart Los Angeles, Marriott New York, or whatever, and just use that address information). You can pay for your Amazon Prime subscription with any kind of payment card (it doesn’t need to be issued in the USA).

Visit the ExpressVPN website(and watch Amazon Videos online)

Once you have succeeded in signing up, just start watching Amazon Prime at once, and do not forget that you need to use the VPN connection in the future as well every time you want to watch your Amazon Prime subscription.

Why is Amazon Prime such a good service?

You may ask why to sign up for Amazon Prime when there are lots of other good streaming services available online such as Netflix, Hulu, and services provided by Google and Apple. The answer is easy! Amazon Prime is great, they have lots of new titles and TV series (making it much fresher than for example Netflix). In addition, they will let you stream music as well, making it work kind of like Spotify, but you do not need an extra subscription for this to work. So it is both a music and video streaming service at once.

Besides these facts, you will also get the right to upload unlimited photos as you subscribe to Amazon Prime, and thus store your images and photos online. You also have a two-day free shipping policy with your Prime subscription. I almost forgot, but you get access to lots of free books and magazines to borrow with Prime Reading. In addition, you can get one book for free every month which is yours to own forever.

I guess you are in a hurry to sign up for Amazon Prime already if you do not have an account yet. Have fun and enjoy watching Amazon Prime from abroad!

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  1. I have a UK IP address as I live in Wales. I will be travelling next week, first to China then Australia and Singapore. I planned to start the Amazon Prime free trial before I leave so I can watch TV and movies on my iPad2 on my travels. I have read several reports today about Amazon Prime (and Netflix) and this does not seem to be possible. Most posts advise that a USA IP address be created. Is this necessary for me? Please can you advise this aged pensioner with little technical savvy …… or should I just return the pricey new earphones I have just bought to enable me to watch my iPad with no outside interference!

    Thanks – Christine

    1. Hello! It is correct that you need an IP address in the USA for Amazon Prime to work abroad. But, that is quite easy to get, so you can really just follow the instructions in the article above and made a HideMyAss subscription, as this will help you wherever you are in the world to get an American IP address, which will make it possible for you to watch Amazon Prime when in China, Australia and Singapore.

      Enjoy your travel and enjoy watching Amazon Prime abroad!

  2. Thanks, Christine. I will do some more research on this and see just how complicated it is (and if it is costly) and I can always access Amazon Prime on my travels.

    Regards – Christine

  3. Hello! – Two-part question for you:
    1) What if I want to watch via my PS3? Would the VPN still work or does it need to be run from a PC?
    2) Is there a way to toggle on and off the VPN service? I would only want it in place when actually using Amazon Prime Streaming.

    1. Hello! The VPN would work, but to watch it on PS3 is a bit complicated, because you will then need to change your router to make sure that all traffic sent through it is using the VPN connection. Or you can use a Windows computer and share the VPN connection used in Windows, and setup your PS3 to use that connection, but that is also a bit complicated. If you use it on iOS, Windows or Android you simply connect when you want to use it, and when you are finished watching you disconnect from the VPN server. In that way you only use the VPN to watch Amazon Prime Streaming.

  4. Hi,

    I am a Prime UK customer and am jealous of the the various movies that can be viewed on the US Prime site. Can I ‘toggle’ my membership between the two using a VPN, like HideMyAss if I have a UK account but use a US server? I have seen this being done successfully on Netflix before.


    1. Hello,

      unfortunately Prime does not work like Netflix where this actually works. With Prime you will need a different subscription for the different nations, so if you want to enjoy Amazon Prime in the States you will have to register over again in the States and buy a Prime membership there (and of course use the VPN service like HideMyAss to get an American IP address for this to work in the UK).

  5. Good day I have a English fire stick but I am visiting France for 1 month will I need a new IP address and do I have to register my account in France for the month

    1. Do you have a UK Fire Stick and a UK user that you want to use in France? Do I understand it correctly?

  6. Dumb question, but…

    I’m in the US with a US Amazon Prime membership. We want to stream something that’s available on Amazon Prime UK.
    I’ll need to get a separate Amazon Prime account in the UK (i.e. pay another $99 or so) and then stream using VPN?

    1. Not at all a dumb question, but all honor to you, because you have understood it completely! So yes, you will need a separate UK Amazon Prime subscription and a local IP address in the UK for this to work. But, do not forget that the first thirty days of your Amazon Prime trial is free, so if you watch whatever you want within thirty days, then you can cancel your subscription afterwards. More about UK Prime abroad in this article:

      1. I have an Amazon Prime subscription which I bought in the US. When I am in the UK I am able to use the same membership in all the same ways it works in the US (except I get a greater variety of material – esp US tv – in the US). I don’t need a separate account or another membership or whatever and I make no additional payment (unless I buy a series or episode that isn’t included w my Prime membership).
        I have also gone to (while physically in the UK) and bought a series (Broad City for example) and then watched it in the UK. This doesn’t work for everything and I haven’t figured out why, but it does sometimes work.
        I have two permanent addresses (UK and US) and a US as well as a UK payment option, which I use to best advantage in the home country where I’m purchasing media.
        I also have access to all the usual Prime advantages, like free Prime postage, whether I’m in the UK or the US.

        1. I am not really sure if I get this… is it a question or are you stating facts? Your US Prime subscription will not work in the UK, at least it will not give you UK advantages. Your US Prime subscription will work in the UK with a VPN giving you an American IP address, which will make you able to watch US Prime videos in the UK.

    1. No, it will not, but while you use the VPN to get a new IP address in another country you might not be able to visit all websites in Singapore which blocks content to people at other locations. But, to fix that again simply disconnect your VPN connection!

    1. That is why I recommend that you follow these instructions and you will be able to watch access to Amazin Instant Videos, also in Ireland. You can use the described method both to watch Instant Videos in England and in USA and in Germany and so on!

  7. I live in Australia, and want to use Amazon prime for some movies, on my smart to, and notice that we do not have Amazon Prime. What do I have to do

    1. Hello! First you need to get yourself a subscription to PureVPN, as described in the article. Then you create an Amazon account at registered with an American address. Use PureVPN then to get an American IP address. You can then log in with your “American Amazon account”, buy an Amazon Prime subscription and start watching. You can also use PureVPN to get AMazon Prime on your Android, iOS and also on Smart TVs that support Amazon Video.

      1. Christine,

        You have written so well on this Amazon Prime viewing from abroad, but would you be willing to tell me what to do, Step 1, Step 2, etc.? I just arrived in Paris yesterday for 7 weeks. I am barely still under the 30 day trial period with Amazon Prime. I only have time for movie watching in the summer with my work/responsibility load in the year. I spoke with Amazon about the Family access on the same account. They told me when I was in France to set that up with my husband. He watches movies all the time online, so it would have been a wonderful pleasure for him.

        On this PureVPN, getting an American IP address, etc….my first question is, is this completely legal? My second question is, isn’t my IP address on my devices already American IP address since that’s why I live most of the year, purchased the devices, took the Amazon Prime account, etc.

        When I signed up for Amazon Prime, I did not find the customer service up to snuff on all this. They just seemed to read from the site as I could do. I need somebody to tell me, do this, then that.

        I would continue the subscription but don’t know how to navigate the adding my husband to my account, coupled with this new discovery of can’t watch the blasted movies out of the US anyway. I am tired from the year’s responsibilities and would be so grateful to have precise, easy step by step directions for my MBP, iPad, as well as my husbands MBP and iPad, where he resides regularly in France.

        I went a “complaint” email to Amazon about the poor explanation on the setting up the Family thing and received an email with very kind words like “give us another chance”, with the same links I had read on my own before and which other people working for Amazon had directed me to.

        Ok…I’m long winded…sorry..

        1. Hello, that was an awfully long question, and to be honest I have not really try the family thing yet, but here I will try to answer you quickly!

          – To use a VPN is completely legal and it is the most popular way available to secure your Internet connection. It might not have been made for the purpose of bypassing geo-blocks like this, but it can also be used for this purpose.

          – It is possible to connect two Amazon account (if you have different accounts with your husband) and share your Prime subscription. Or, you can simply use the same account (easier). It might be that it want work if you both try to watch at once, but not sure about that.

          – Really, get yourself a subscription to PureVPN, download their client for iPad and MBP (or Windows). Connect to a server in the United States and you will be ready to watch Amazon Instant Videos, also in France.

          Your IP address simply shows your present location, so it has nothing to do with your actual Amazon account to do.

  8. I live in Europe and I have been able to use Prim e in the US through cyber ghost (a different VPN provider), but not I get one of the messages you showed in the description….
    Do you have any idea why?
    I cannot login to my netflix account either 🙁
    Is there a reason you recommend purevpn?

    1. I recommend PureVPN due to its large amount of servers, good speeds and because they have some of the lowest VPN prices on the market. It might be that Amazon Prime has started to block CyberGhost and that is causing the message. And they are probably blocked by Netflix as well. PureVPN can help you get access to Netflix in some nations and they can also help you get access to Amazon Prime when abroad!

  9. Hi I live in Australia.

    I use HMA (a VPN service provider).

    I don’t think Amazon accepts credit cards issued by banks in Australia. Am I right?

    How can I pay for my purchase of gift card from Amazon, please?

    1. Hello! If I remember correct you can use your Australian bank card to pay for gift cards, but a Prime subscription and more, but Amazon will not let you pay for Instant Films with your Australian Card….

  10. Hi. I have just moved to Germany and am trying the Amazon prime free trial on However when I try to open the app it won’t let me open the German one and redirects me to the uk store. It says that my account is not valid for use in the German store so I can’t open anything!! Can you help?!

    1. Are you trying to sign up using a mobile device (mobile phone or tablet) or are you in Windows or Mac? You might have to delete all data from the app if you use mobile or tablet, so that you can sign in again. Or enter your current Amazon user and change your address and location to Germany. Or maybe even better, simply create a new user on with your new address and information in it!

    1. You just need to follow the instructions in this article and sign up for Amazon Prime in the US. Use the VPN to get an American IP address, register your Amazon account with a US address and you are good to go! 🙂

  11. I’m confused. I put something on here during the summer when I was in Paris and the Amazon Prime trial did not work for movie viewing. I live in the U.S., signed up for Amazon Prime in the U.S., and isn’t my IP address already American since I live here? What is the purpose of a VPN? What part of your info above to view movies am I not understand? The sole reason I cancelled my trial subscription was not being able to see movies in Paris on vacation when I actually had some time.

    1. I think I just understood. The IP address changes when you change location. So, the VPN will allow you to get a VPN American address, even when you are not in the U.S. Is that it?

  12. Wow great replys, so thanks alot!

    I have my own question now, and I hope u didn’t answer it already and I just overlooked it.
    I’m from America and I have Amazon Prime I’m moving to Morocco. Am I supposed to download hidemyass now while I’m here in the USA? Should it be on all my devices? And what happens when I get there and buy devices from there?

    1. Hello, you can buy HideMyAss or PureVPN in the USA, or you can buy it in Morocco (that doesn’t matter). You will need to have it installed on the devices you want to use to watch Amazon Prime videos. You can easily download the apps to your Android and iOS devices (or computers) also those that you will buy in Morocco in the future.

      1. No, since these comments were made lots have changed, and HideMyAss can no longer be used. I recommend using StrongVPN or PureVPN instead!

  13. My husband and I moved to Italy from the US in July. We brought our Amazon FireStick with us and had signed up with ExpressVPN. Once we got here we could never tune in Amazon Prime or Netflix. They were blocked. We cancelled after talking with the company and finding out that Amazon and Netflix have now found a way around people using IP address services to access their accounts. We then tried IPVanish, but still can’t access Amazon, though we can access Netflix through the FireStick and have access to everything there except foreign movies are only subtitled in Italian! Just thought I’d let you know.

    1. It is not so easy with a VPN when you try to use a Fire TV Stick abroad. This is because you will actually need a quite complex setup as your router needs to be configured with the VPN connection. In other words, it is quite a lot harder than using it on an Android phone, iOS device or a Windows computer. You can read more about how this can be done in this article:

  14. Your article is extremely misleading. Amazon has obviously started blocking VPNs just as NETFLIX did earlier this year, and content is no longer available via VPNs. Sounds like your touting a specific VPN, but if they haven’t completed blocking all of PureVPN, they soon will. Prime is NOT WORTH THE MONEY without video streaming. I wonder if they realize how many thousands of military and U.S. civilians overseas are now locked out. We are cancelling our Prime Account, and will not buy any more Amazon products. The main reason we were interested in the new Fire, etc., was ability to use the Prime acct. Not anymore – no longer Amazon fans…

    1. I understand that you are angry, but for example PureVPN has worked constantly for years, and if you have a monthly subscription there is little to risk in using their services. IPVanish works as well, so I recommend using such a service with a monthly subsription. If they should block their services then I will update this article with other working methods. But since both providers have tons of servers in the USA it will be hard to block all their servers at once.

  15. I’m a little thick. I need to download a player to watch prime right? I think I’ve done the VPN thing right, I just downloaded an app…. But what do I do about a viewer? Thanks in advance

    1. What kind of platform would you like to watch Amazon Prime or Amazon videos on? Once you have the VPN app ready connect to a server in the USA. Then you open the Amazon Videos app and enjoy watching!

      1. Tried all that but the app still says it can’t play due to geographical location. Used a us VPN address, us mailing address, and. Etc. UT I still can’t getting it working g

        1. OK, I seem to be progressing but Amazon Prime is telling me to download the Amazon player… Yet the play store tells me it’s not available in my country. I’ve download VIC and another. Video player but it seems unless I can download Amazon’s video player I’m stuck. Am I doing something wrong or is there a get around I haven’t found?

          Thanks for the help

  16. VPN does not work as all VPN ip’s are business related, not residential. I had to dump Netflix, and now I am doing the same with Amazon, as it’s a policy they are following, and showing disrespect to us for trying to protect ourselves from external intrusion.

    1. I am sad about how Amazon follow Netflix, but there are still VPN’s working. Unfortunataly this is still a great attack on those using a VPN actually to protect themselves online, and forcing us to choose between security and Amazon videos… but somehow we will have to live with that it seems like.

  17. This suggestion of changing your vpn address to the country you are trying to watch from does not work. Nor does trying the free 30 subscription for that country. I just tried it changing my vpn to London from New York. I am so sick of corporate greed! Amazon will let me have a UK watchlist and will take my credit card info but still gives me error 4601.

    1. Dear Vicki,
      where do you have your actual Amazon Prime subscription? And what VPN service are you using? Please let me know and I will help you out!

  18. I have a US (prime) account and we just moved to Germany for the next three years. We have watched Amazon via Roku puck with no issues ( and no VPN with a German IP. We recently bought a new SmartTV (US based product from the military Exchange) and configured all the the login accounts like Netflix, Amazon, etc. We are able to watch Netflix with no issues and no VPN. But now, the Amazon app is coming up with German language even though all others are English (like I setup). It appears that I can watch Amazon, but it is coming up with German language default. Can I force the TV app to log in to instead of

    1. Thank you for the question. To be honest I do not really understand what is going on, because if you are in Germany and do not use a VPN or so you should not be able to access US Netflix or US AMazon Prime at all. So, sorry – but I do not really understand why this works at all for you!

    1. Hello, that might very well be so. I suggest you ask their customer service, maybe they know about some last servers still working? If not I recommend that you try one of the services mentioned in this article (IPVanish was featured earlier but is not featured here any longer)…

  19. I live in France and have a UK amazon prime subscription and I use overplay smart dns. It was working fine until today. Updated until today I have been watching The Following for free with my subscription. Now it wants me to pay. I have set up my router with the overplay ip addresses. I can watch it free on my laptop. I can’t watch it for free on my samsung smart tv. I hadn’t changed anything. I just don’t understand. Very frustrated.

    1. I am not sure about why this has happened, all I can say is that the methods described in this article still works!

  20. 8 have amazon prime account from America and living in morocco now. I was going to cancel this service bease no VPN worked for m6, then I found one! Now I’m scared to share it for fear that Amazon will block them too……any advice

    1. Frankly, I don’t understand why so many of you are enabling Amazon Prime by doing back flips to be able to see their movies abroad. The only way you can expect Amazon to change their policy on this is to stop paying for it when you are not able to see it abroad. I subscribed last year, so excited to be able to offer this to my husband who watches movies all the time. I called Amazon and explained my situation exactly and what I wanted to do. So, I arrived in France and tried to show my husband this gold mine for him and couldn’t see anything. I cancelled my subscription before the trial period. When companies do not make it easy, I don’t waste my time with them.

  21. I know this is not amazon related but for those of us abroad SHOWBOX works for everything your hearts desire google it and download its apk. There is no virus involved and I have it on all my devices.

  22. As I just posted, I don’t understand why so many people are willing to enable Amazon Prime to continue not allowing people to use their paid for movie viewing abroad. What incentive are they given when people will pay anyway and have to do all these workarounds. I will not spend my time fiddling around with these VPN’s just to see their movies. As I stated in my post, before I took the trial period subscription, I called Amazon and told them in detail exactly my situation and what I wanted to do. They told me my husband and I would be able to view the movies in France. I took the Amazon Prime only interested in being able to offer this wonderful gift to my husband. Once arriving in France, logging in about to surprise my husband with all these movies he could watch, I discovered we could not see anything. The person I spoke with at Amazon before taking this trial offer, either did not know how it worked, or….I cancelled before the trial period ended and will not take them up on it again unless they change on this and clearly state the movies can be viewed abroad with no hitch.

  23. I live in the Dominican Republic and my internet is provided by my cable TV service. As a premium customer I get a US IP address. My Amazon Prime account works fine for the video service and so does the online shopping service where I have merchandise shipped to a forwarding company in Miami.
    My bank is in the UK and I use this card for Amazon purchases and my Prime membership, however I cannot use this card to activate my Prime Music as you need a funding source in the US. i have recently purchased an Echo and absolutely love it, but I am missing out on a large section of functionality because of this issue. After several calls to Amazon, there is no way around this. I will need to provide a credit or debit card issued from a US bank.

  24. Any one know if its posible to by shows on amazon from outside the US, some of them arent available in the UK shop or they are behind, and when i try on the US site it says i have to use a US VISA, though i dont know if i can just buy a gift card and then use that to buy them?

  25. HI, How are you making it work with Express VPN? I have not been able to get it to work since the end of 2016. You just gave an update that it is working well for you but I have had the opposite experience. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    1. They have several servers working with Amazon Prime in the USA. If you have trouble, just send a message to their customer service and they will help you at once!

  26. Hi, I have successfully done the above (live in South Africa) and have my Apple Laptop and Kindle Fire working perfectly. For some reason I can’t seem to get my other Laptop working or the Smart TV. When I play a video, the following message comes up: This video isn’t available due to geographical licensing restrictions. For more details, please refer to Amazon Video Terms of Use. For further assistance, please contact Amazon Customer Service at and refer to error 4601.
    Please advise?

    1. I suggest that you contact the customer server of your VPN provider to find out what they have to advise on this matter. Glad to hear that following the instructions helped you stream Amazon Prime successfully on your APple computer and Kindle Fire though!! 🙂

  27. I see in the start of the article that this article is supposed to be up to date, but I have read many places that VPNs do not work with Amazon Prime from abroad anymore. Is the “date updated” just an auto update and fake, or is this article actually up to date and the instructions actually working? Just curious!

    1. First of all, the latest date updated in the start of the article is no automatic “date changer.” I change the date whenever I actually test and update the article, to make sure that all the VPN providers described here are valid and work with Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant videos from all across the world!

  28. If you want to watch online entertainment, Amazon Prime is one of the most looked for after VoD (Video-on-Demand) benefits in the United States.Most of the Amazon Prime Movies and TV Shows can’t be access outside the USA.That is more likely what you officially experienced when you go abroad.To cope up with this issue, you can use a VPN to access the Amazon Prime. Because of VPN, you can change your IP and access the Amazon Prime.

    Many VPN can easily allow you to access Amazon Prime but not all of them can ensure complete and secured privacy. If you want VPN which will not only give you access to Amazon Prime and the same time secure your online privacy then here in Reviewsdir you will get the list of best Amazon Prime VPNs to Watch TV Shows and Movies outside the USA.

  29. Will this work in China as well? I have a Amazon Prime subscription and will move to China, but someone warned me that I might not be able to stream Amazon Prime videos and content in China. Do you know anything? Can you help me!

    1. Unfortunately for you Agneta, Amazon and their Prime Video service is unavailable in China. But, if you follow the instructions in this article you should be able to stream and watch Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant Videos in China as well. Sign up for one of the VPN providers mentioned in this article, and if you get any trouble, contact their customer support who are quick at helping!

  30. Just gave it a try with ExpressVPN now. First connected to one server, but still got the 4601 error. Then I connected to the New Jersey 1 server, and at once I could stream Amazon videos without getting any geo-error at all. Thanks a lot for keeping this article up to date!

  31. Prime Day is right around the corner, so just got my Prime membership, and now I am ready to shop. Hopefully I will find some good deals as well! Which are the best ways to get US goods which I buy on Prime day delivered to Mexico?

    1. No, unfortunately you cannot do that! You need a stand alone Prime subscription in the UK, and the same is true for Germany.

  32. I am not the biggest fan of the content you get with Amazon Prime. The movies and TV series aren’t that fantastic, but the overall product with Prime Reading, Prime Music, Photo Storage and so makes it absolutely worth the money still. And got some great deals on Prime day in 2017, so thanks Amazon!

  33. Hello Christine, thank you for your work. I first tried IPVanish to access my US Amazon prime subscription. I had googled for “Best VPN”. But as I could not get rid of the Error 4601, I searched for “get rid of error 4601”, so I found your posts. And I found your update from two days ago ! I then canceled my IPvanish subscription and tried ExpressVPN. Unfortunately Amazon seems to recognize that I am trying to connect from overseas where I am spending my holidays … Anyhint ?

    1. Hello Karim,
      Thank you for writing this. I will check it up at once, and I also suggest you contact the ExpressVPN customer service. They for sure have a way around it. I will write a new comment in a few minutes to report my own experience with ExpressVPN and Amazon (and the 4601 error message).

    2. I just used ExpressVPN. Their Washington servers do not work, but the New Jersey 1 server can easily be used in order to watch Amazon videos outside the US. Give it a try, okay? And enjoy!

  34. You are great ! you found I was connected from the Washington server, however obvious it is I like it, I just tried New Jersey and I can watch now my Last Week Tonight episode !! Thank you Christine, I am happy my daughter decided to study next year Computer Science at McGill !!

    1. Happy to help! If you should have any more questions, just ask! 🙂 Do not forget that you can also use ExpressVPN to watch US Netflix (connect to Washington DC 2 server), to watch Hulu and other similar services from abroad!

  35. Hi christine, I am from Singapore bought a amazon prime using a US edu account (someone pass me) so that the package is at a discount by having 6 months of access. I put in a fake US address and it was required that I put in credit card details as well which I had this time put in my own Singapore credit card details.

    And when I log in and set my vyprvpn to us server, I cannot watch the programs it came back with this response: service area restriction, this video isn’t available due to geographical licensing restrictions (despite have a vpn set to us server)

    Please help thanks

    1. Hey christine realised that I need to change to another us server then I can watch.

      Now I want to watch hbo game of thrones and realised that I need to fill up details again of address and credit card. I continue to put in a fake US address but Singapore credit card details. I realise that hbo only has 14 day trial period does my student edu Id provide an extended period? ?

  36. Hi

    Does Nord VPN work with Amazon Prime. I have an Prime India Subscription, and it gives me error 4601 even when i am using Nord connected to indian server location.

    Btw… Nord does work with Netflix, so surprised why Primes does not.

    1. I do not have any way of actually testing whether or not NordVPN works with Indian Prime, so sorry, can not help you there!

  37. Wonder Woman is a fantastic movie, just managed to watch it, unfortunately not with Amazon Prime, but could buy it as an Instant Video!

  38. I just read on ReddIT that Amazon is now blocking almost everything there is of VPN providers. Are you sure these methods described here are still working? Don’t want to waste my money on something not working!

    1. I have just tested them and the methods described here in this article actually work! Give them a try, there is not risk after all, just use the full refund policy in case you do not like it or it doesn’t work (but I know it will). If you have trouble, ask the customer service of the VPN provider as well, as they often will help you out quickly!

  39. Just found a link to this site at Reddit, and I am happy about, because now I found a VPN actually working with Amazon Prime!

    1. Hello,
      at the time I am writing this comment I suggest that you use ExpressVPN or StrongVPN. Check the article above as I always keep the article up to date with working VPN services. So, scroll up, check the text in the article and follow those instructions (as this comment also might get out of date)!

  40. I just wanted to watch Ben Hur as it is included with my Prime subsription. I red somewhere that it doesn’t work with VPN when on holiday but followed your instructions, and now I watch Ben Hur on Amazon Prime abroad!

  41. I had my doubts about this article, saying that it was up to date, maybe you use auto-date-update function or not. But, gave ExpressVPN a try, and now I can watch Amazon Prime videos from abroad. Did not work at once, because not all their servers work, but their support helped me out and told me what to do, and after a few minutes I could stream Prime from abroad with ExpressVPNN

  42. I have ipvanish loaded and working on my kindle 10, but keep getting error messages about not available in your area. I’m in China, any ideas?

  43. Why do you only recommend ExpressVPN? Can’t you just use any VPN provider to watch Amazon Prime abroad… do you get money to promote ExpressVPN and that’s why you do it?

    1. I recommend ExpressVPN because it works. Throughout the last year, Amazon has blocked most VPN providers, which means, that you cannot just use any VPN provider because most VPN provider cannot help you watch Amazon Prime abroad. There are only a few working, and ExpressVPN is one of them. And, since they have been working continuously for years, I find promoting them the best. I do get a little bonus for recommending ExpressVPN, but I would never recommend them if they didn’t do the job.

  44. I was looking for a way to watch Amazon Prime overseas, and reading your articles has helped me out greatly. I first thought I got the error message because of some error with my hotel WiFi, but I then understand that it is because of my location. But, using the VPN I can now stream Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime again. Thanks a lot!

    1. Amazon Prime Video is the service you get with your Prime subscription in the USA or in other nations where it is available. Prime Video is the streaming service of Amazon which can be bought in nations where Amazon Prime Video doesn’t exist… So it is cheaper than an Amazon Prime subscription, but it only includes movies and TV shows, while a normal Amazon Prime subscription includes way more than just the streaming service.

  45. Express VPN doesn’t work with amazon prime Germany. I tried more than 20 different servers, i get always the message

    Ihr Gerät ist über einen VPN- oder Proxy-Dienst mit dem Internet verbunden. Bitte deaktivieren Sie den Dienst und versuchen Sie es erneut. Weitere Hilfe finden Sie unter

    short translation:
    “you are connected through a VPN/Proxy service. please deactivate the serivce and try again”.

  46. That is not entirely true. It is possible to watch amazon Prime Germany from the Android App, for instance through the Darmstadt server. However I had to restart the Android device everytime before I was able to activate it correctly. If you leave it on after watching, amazon will go into error mode after a while.

    1. Thanks for letting me know and telling 🙂 Glad to hear there is a working method for Amazon Prime Germany as well!

  47. I have heard some people recommend using HideMyAss to watch Amazon Prime abroad. Is that a good VPN service? Or should I use ExpressVPN recommended by you instead? Do you have any thoughts?

    1. HideMyAss is a quite good VPN service, but unfortunately, they are not at all as good at unblocking streaming services and TV networks as ExpressVPN. They might work with American Netflix, and if you are extremely lucky, with Amazon Prime, but it has been coming and going, meaning that it isn’t a steady and safe solution if you want something that will work for a longer time. That is why I would personally use ExpressVPN instead, simply because it has been working without a stop for years, and they are way better at unblocking all sorts of streaming services!

  48. I am a USA resident, visiting family in Norway. I have both an Amazon Prime and a Netflix account, have downloaded and installed ExpressVPN and am getting the same error message that others have referenced. Is there a way around this?

    1. I hope you have been able to fix this. ExpressVPN works properly with both services, so the error has got to be somewhere else. I recommend that you either check your IP address to see that you really are connected to a VPN server in the USA. And if it looks like you are, contact the ExpressVPN live-chat at their website. They will for sure help you out quickly!

      1. Thanks, Christine. I had emailed ExpressVPN support directly, and they guided me through the steps which resolved my issue. They were very helpful.

  49. Who cares about Amazon Prime anymore? It is so packed with commercials before the content starts… HBO MAX is the real deal! And Disney+ of course!

  50. i tried the VPN on Amazon UK from the US. Amazon as of 1/3/21 want a UK address and a UK Credit card on a UK bank . So even if i change amazon account to UK, it won’t let the VPN work without all of this – so why even get a VPN? Help if you can.
    Thank you

    1. This only works if you already have a paid for Amazon Prime subscription in the USA (and connect to a US VPN server). You cannot use an American Prime subscription to watch UK Prime content (it doesn’t work like Netflix in that way).

  51. I’m currently studying abroad and I have an Amazon prime video account which was set up in singapore, does the content/library change depending on where I am? Or does it stay the same

    1. Hello,
      unfortunately, your Prime subscription in Singapore isn’t something you bring along abroad (like you would with Netflix or DisneyPlus). As a result, you will not be able to stream Prime content in other countries, and you will only get access to a very limited selection of the content on Netflix in Singapore as you go abroad).

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