Get rid of Error 4601 on Amazon

Would you like to watch a film on but when you start you get error message 4601 telling you that this video isn’t available due to geographical licensing restrictions? Would you like to watch the film anyway and thus get rid of the 4601 error message? This is what you need to do!

The videos available at, or be it or are only available in the given nation of that Amazon store. In other words, if you try to watch such a video from outside the nation then you will receive the 4601 error message looking something like this.

Error 4601 Amazon
Get rid of this error message on

To get rid of it you will need to make Amazon believe that you are in the USA (if you want to watch content on or that you are in the UK (if you want to watch content on and so on. This can be done by using the VPN services of ExpressVPN. While most VPN providers are blocked by Amazon Prime, ExpressVPN works perfectly and has been working since 2015. Therefore, if you want to watch videos on then you will need an IP address in the United States provided by ExpressVPN. Click the button beneath to visit their website and to get entitled to a big discount as well.

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(September 2023 update: This article is up to date and the instructions here work perfectly to get rid of error 4601 on

If you check the comments beneath you will see that more and more VPN providers are blocked by Amazon. This article is however up to date and will always feature VPN providers actually working with Amazon Videos!

Once you press the button above and sign up you can download their program to your computer, tablet or phone and connect to a server in the United States and you will be ready to watch the Amazon Instant Video or Prime video right away.

If you want to watch content on just connect to a server in the UK and you will be ready to watch right away. The same is also true for video content in the other Amazon regions. Just connect to a server in the given country.

If you want to know more about watching Prime and Instant Videos from abroad, click the link. Do not forget to bookmark this page and to follow us on Facebook so that you can get all necessary and interesting articles about Amazon Prime and Instant Videos right away!

26 thoughts on “Get rid of Error 4601 on Amazon”

    1. That is true, but with the amount of PureVPN servers in the USA I think they will still work. Have you spoken to their customer service?

  1. IPVanish worked for two days, now I get “4601” even though I use IPVanish with Amazon Germany.
    I even found some hints, that Firefox is still giving the original IP and changed the setting. But that didn’t work,too.

    1. hi tom.. i purchased iPvanish too just to watch my prime videos, at first 3 movies — it worked.. now at the fourth — error “4601 – restriction area” appears.. I even tried to change the areas i am connected at.. What was your solution?

      1. I suggest that you ask the IPVanish customer support. Maybe they can help you out. If not you should probably consider using another VPN provider like the one suggested in this article.

  2. Also vpnuk VPN which I used successfully to access Prime no longer working. Spoke to their customer service the other evening and they told me there are a number of people having same issue.

    Amazon seems to be following Netflix in their aggressive VPN blocking.

    1. Thanks for telling 🙂 I will do my best to stay up to date and at all times be able to report about VPN providers that actually work with Amazon Prime!

  3. using VPN Unlimited since more than a year, stopped working a week ago.
    i was trying diffrent browsers, no changes, diffrent locations on VPN server, no changes. looks like they block all of VPN connections now.

    so they should increase the inventar of videos, otherwise there is no sense for me to stay with them.

  4. I’ve been using HMA for many years, and 2 weeks ago , no go. Called Amazon and they said it was impossible that I was using a VPN because they don’t stream on VPN,, I must have been dreaming all
    the time I guess..Won’t be able to watch season 3 of Bosch GGRRR

    1. Thank you for telling! I would recommend some other VPN provider instead of HideMyAss, so check the front page for my updates on VPN providers still working with Amazon Instant Videos!

  5. I was using NordVPN successfully for a month but just two days ago it stopped working. I tried everything including switching off Geolocation in Firefox but with no success. Any ideas?! I may have to cancel my subscription with Amazon if I can not watch anything!

    1. I am constantly checking the providers recommended on this site, so use one of them instead as they should work!

  6. I live in south Korea and use ExpressVPN and it does not work either when i try to watch at home. However, at work I can watch all day without using a VPN.

  7. Glad to tell that the instructions on this page helped me get access to Amazon Prime in Hungary! Thanks a lot…

  8. PureVPN fails as well, bizzarrely when I turn it of and I’m connected directly to Sky in the UK, I still get the error 4601 – how pathetic and poorly thought out is that! – bye, bye Prime!

    1. I do not get it… are you trying to get access to UK Prime or US Prime. Because, PureVPN do work with US Prime, but I am not 100% sure if it works with UK Prime.

  9. Since someone outside the US could use a US based vpn server, it seems Amazon is blocking all of those servers as it identifies them, probably by reading forums like this that mention which ones still work! I’m in the US dang it! If I want to use a vpn, I don’t need big brother Amazon telling me I can’t! But I don’t expect that consumers will have much of a voice in regulating these corporate bullies as long as the Republicans stay in power.

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