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Inside Out on AmazonInside Out was one of the big hit films in 2015 and it is even nominated for an Oscar in February 2016. If you have not yet seen Inside Out then you have your chance to watch it on right now.

Inside Out was nominated for Best Animated Film, a category Disney has won the last two years with Frozen and Big Hero 6. I liked both Frozen and Big Hero 6, so had no problem at all with those winning. But, yesterday I watched Inside Out and it had an effect on me that neither Big Hero 6 nor Frozen had… I fell asleep! I am not sure why I actually fell asleep, but it can be said for sure that I was quite bored with the film from the very start. It might be that I have a really poor taste and that is why I feel asleep, but compared to Big Hero 6 and Frozen this film was simply super boring to me.

Still, if you want to watch Inside Out then you can do so at If you are located outside the United States and want to find out more about how you can watch Instant Videos on from overseas, then just click the link and you will find more information on the subject. If you try to pay for Instant Videos you will need an American Card. If you do not have an American Card, follow these instructions to pay for Instant Videos without one.

What is Inside Out about? It tells the story of a teenage girl that moves with her parents to San Francisco. This is a hard thing for a teenage girl and on her inside joy, sadness, anger and other feelings are fighting to get her attention and to help her out in life. But what happens when joy and sadness suddenly disappears and our main role character can no longer enjoy her relationships the way she has done so earlier? That is kind of the story of this film, but again, I fell asleep so I might have loosed out on some of the points.

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