How to forward packages from Amazon to my country?

Amazon orders forwarded

Are you a person who would simply love to order something from, or, but you have one big problem! What you want to order is a great product, but Amazon will not ship it to your current destination? What can be done?

Luckily there is a solution to these problems and it is very easy to fix this! Because, there are so called mail forwarding services in both Germany, England and in the United States and the way these works are as follows:

  1. You register for their service at their website (free).
  2. You get a postal address in USA, England or in Germany.
  3. As you order from, or you give the address you just received.
  4. You order your package.
  5. You received a notice from the provider once your package has arrived.
  6. You pay for further delivery and they will have your package sent to your actual address in another nation within shortly.

This is how it works and it is very easy! So, now it is time for shopping and time for trying this!

Have your Amazon orders forwarded! package forwarding

If you are shopping on then a brilliant company giving you an address in the USA and later forwarding your package is Shipito. I have personal experience using this service and they are really nice, have good service and even send you pictures of the package ordered as it arrives to their warehouse. They also have a warehouse in Austria, so if you want to have a virtual address in Austria you can use Shipito as well.

Notice that it will cost you quite some money to have your package delivered from the United States to your current location, but if you use their calculator you can get a very good estimate even before actual ordering! package forwarding

If you are out there and want to shop from then that can also be done easily and arranging with your package forwarding is also very easy to get working. For this purpose I recommend the services of Forward2me. I have not tested this personally yet, but I have surfed their website, checked their fees and read the testimonials, so this seem to be a very good working service, so I would not hesitate using them, and I will for sure test it myself personally within shortly! package forwarding is a great store and often a bit cheaper than the UK store, and this is especially useful if you want to order something and have it delivered within the European Union. And the store is now also available in English. So, if you need a virtual address in Germany then the service to use is I am not a big fan of their website which is a bit old fashioned, but the service still works fine and their prices are all right! So, if you order a product on which can not be delivered to your country then you can use their services and have it delivered at your door in your nation within shortly! Notice that they have a 10 Euro consolidation fee which needs to be paid every year. This is just a “membership” fee, meaning that the actual cost of sending any package comes in addition.

These were the simple instructions on how you can have your Amazon order delivered at your door in your country, even if the product is not available at your current destination.

The error messages!

If you get one of the following error messages that is a sign that you will need to use one of the services mentioned above:

Warning at, and English
Sorry, this item can’t be sent to your selected address. Learn more. You may either change the delivery address or delete the item from your order.

Error message trying to order on (in German)
Dieser Artikel kann nicht an die ausgewählte Adresse versandt werden. Erfahren Sie mehr. Sie können entweder die Lieferadresse ändern oder den Artikel aus Ihrer Bestellung löschen.

If you receive one of those messages read the instructions above again, and get your Amazon order delivered to your home address still!

And do not forget that I have written these instructions based on the fact that you want to order something from Amazon, but these instructions are just as true if you want to shop using some other online store in one of the mentioned countries, meaning that the instructions will work fine as you order from other online stores in these countries, not only from Amazon.

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