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Game of ThronesWould you like to watch Game of Thrones online? Few TV series has received as much praise as this one, and few TV series have as many fans as Game of Thrones has. HBO for sure enjoys big success with Game of Thrones, so why not sit down and watch a few episodes?

If you have not yet seen any Game of Thrones episodes then you can of course start from season 1 (recommended), but if you have seen the first seasons and want to continue where you left of then you can continue watching on Amazon where the newest episodes are added at once after they have been broadcasted on HBO.

Press the links above and start watching Game of Thrones online! If you have problems watching Instant Videos online because you are located outside the USA, the UK or Germany, read the following article to find out more about how you can watch Instant Videos on Amazon from abroad.

Do not forget that you can also sign up for a season pass on a season that is currently going. In other words you can for example buy a season pass for season 6, even though if only the first episode has been broadcasted. With such a pass you will gain immediate access to the remaining episodes as soon as they are added to Amazon.

By the time of writing season 5 is just over so I know that season 6 is not available, but by the time you read this article things may have changed, and maybe you can watch the season 6 episodes on Amazon already!


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  1. I just love hearing GOTs rating because they are insane !!!! Abnormal for a tv show on a paid channel!

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