What is the Dash Button from Amazon about?

Dash Button from AmazonI frequently visit Amazon.com to look for news, order books and films and of course to watch Prime films and TV series. Then I bumped into the so called Dash Button, and I asked myself what it is about. After one minute I understood that it is really cool!

The Dash Button from Amazon.com is a feature available to people in the United States and with a Prime subscription. If you are not a Prime member yet then just visit Amazon Prime and sign up.

So, as a Prime member located in the United States, what can the Dash Button do for you?

Let us say that you are using Finish dishwater detergent. What you do then is that you buy the Finish Dishwasher Detergent Dash Button and place it on your dishwasher. You now connect this to your home WiFi connection and set it up properly. Later when you notice that you are soon out of dishwater detergent you simply press the Dash Button and when the green light comes up it means that you have ordered a new set of detergent that will soon be delievered at your door. In other words you do not need to use a computer or to manually order this from Amazon, but you just press the button and you will get it delivered at your door as the order is automatically placed.

There are lots of different kind of Dash Buttons, for example Bounty Dash Button, Cottonelle Dash Button, Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Dash button, Hefty Bags Dash Button, Glad Bags Dash Button and lots of other you can use and set up for your own use.

This looks cool and is a really great function from Amazon and as you buy a Dash Button now you will get the price of the Dash Button (which is 5 USD) to use for your first order later using the Dash Button.

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