Can I watch Blindspot season 5 on Hulu?

Are you one of many people who would love to watch the final season of Blindspot online? Have you tried to watch it on the NBC website or maybe at the NBC streaming service named Peacock TV? I just tried to find the final season on both those websites, and I couldn’t find the complete Blindspot season 5 on either of them.

On PeacockTV, I couldn’t find Blindspot at all. At the NBC website, I could stream the final 5 episodes of season 5, but I couldn’t stream the first six episodes of the season. So, that wasn’t a good solution either. In other words, NBC was unable to help me stream the final season of Blindspot.

I then looked to Netflix, hoping that the popular streaming service founded by Reed Hastings would be able to help me. But I wasn’t lucky there either. I know that it is possible to stream Blindspot season 1-4 on Netflix in a few countries, but that was not a great help for me who wanted to find the final season of the show.

And that is when I decided to check out if Blindspot season 5 can be streamed on Hulu. And guess what… it can! Not only can I watch Blindspot season 5 on Hulu, but I can also stream the first 4 seasons of the show in addition.

how to watch blindspot season 5 online
Blindspot season 5 is on Hulu

In other words, head over to Hulu if you are a fan of Blindspot and if you want to watch Sullivan Stapleton, Jaimie Alexander, and all the others from Blindspot online.

How to watch Hulu if you live outside the USA?

I have written a quite thorough guide on how to watch Hulu abroad here at If you like it, follow the instructions and you should be ready to stream quite quickly. If you want an even more thorough and illustrated guide, check the following article in the IP Address Guide.

Is the fifth season of Blindspot worth watching?

Maybe you wonder whether or not it is worth getting a Hulu subscription in order to watch the final season of Blindspot? Is it worth the mess of buying a VPN if you live in Europe or elsewhere?

If you have seen the first four seasons, you will for sure want to get closure, and thus, stream the final season of the show. I have watched the full fifth season of Blindspot myself, and even though I don’t consider it to be revolutionary good, it was still a worthy finish to the entire series. I liked the way the team worked together, and how Patterson, and everyone else stood up against the bad guys to bring peace and freedom back to the world.

So once again, nothing revolutionary, but a worthy finish to the series. And considering that NBC planned on taking down the show after four seasons, I think we should be very happy to see that we got a final season bringing the story to an end. So, thank you NBC for that!

What do you think about Blindspot season 5?

Have you seen the final season of Blindspot? Did you like it?
Do you need help watching Blindspot season 5 on Hulu? Write a comment and I will do my best to help you!

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