Can I stream Hulu abroad using the VPN services of IPVanish?

IPVanish is considered to be a solid VPN provider with a long history. It has servers in 75 countries worldwide, making it a fairly big VPN provider as well. But, is it good for unblocking streaming services? Does it work with Hulu? I have tested it, and here you can find the results!

IPVanish was one of my favorite VPN providers for years, and I still like it. But, the application seems to be stuck in the stone age, and that is why I decided to make a new test of the VPN service, to find out whether it works with Hulu or not. There are many VPN providers that will help you stream Hulu abroad, but is IPVanish to be included on that list?

Can I watch Hulu with IPVanish?

It is important to know that as you load the IPVanish applicaiton, you will be able to connect to all of their servers in the United States. That is a long list of servers, meaning that if you actually want to try every single server, you will spend hours just doing so.

ipvanish application

Many VPN providers have implemented a so-called SmartDNS service within their VPN service, in order to give people access to geo-blocked sites connecting to any of their VPN server in a country. But, IPVanish is not using such a service, meaning that you will actually have to connect manually to every single server in their system if you really want to discover the truth. Now, in order to that, you will need to spend more than an hour just connecting, reloading your browser window, and so on…. and in the end you will have torn out all the hair on your head!

Because, if you connect to any of the IPVanish servers in the United States and visit, you will most likely experience one of the following things.

1. The page doesn’t load properly

This is an error I have already seen described in the following article. Because, it isn’t enough to have a Hulu subscription, but if you use a VPN blocked by Hulu, you might be unable to really load the Hulu website. Instead of seeing the movies and TV series available, you might just see a page trying to load, without showing any real content.

ipvanish unable to load hulu
The Hulu website doesn’t load properly when using IPVanish

You might see an error like the one above. As you can see, I am logged in to Hulu, but whenever I try to visit the website, I just see grey boxes and no real content.

However, that isn’t always the case, and sometimes you might be able to actually visit the website and see the content.

2. Hulu discovers that you are using a VPN

If you manage to actually load the page, this is the error you will see instead, the so-called P-EDU101 error message on Hulu. This is something you will see because Hulu has registered the IP address you are using on a list of IPs provided by VPN services. Whenever they notice such an IP visiting their website, they show the error message instead of the actual content.

p-EDU error on Hulu
VPN error on Hulu

Now, no matter which error message you see, they are both annoying, and they both mean that you will be unable to stream Hulu at your current location.

What to do then? Do I need to use another VPN servce?

I am sad to tell you that IPVanish will not get the job done if you want to stream Hulu abroad or simply stream Hulu while enjoying the security of a VPN connection. What can you do instead? You will have to use a VPN that will actually get the job done.

I have included some links to articles giving such solutions in the start of the article, but as you might know, the number one source for information on how to stream Hulu from abroad is, the page you are currently visiting. So, click the link, check the article, and you will be ready to stream Hulu encrypted all across the world in a few minutes from now!

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