Can I watch Hulu with ExpressVPN in Europe, Africa, and in Asia?

Hulu is a very popular streaming service in the United States. But, if you go to other countries, few people have ever heard of the streaming service. That is because it only exists in the USA (and in Japan). But, a few people have heard of Hulu also in Europe, in Asia, in Africa, and elsewhere in the world, and many of those people would really like to gain access to the service. But, is it possible to watch Hulu abroad? Can the VPN services of ExpressVPN help you fix this?

If you try to visit the Hulu website abroad, you will be greated with a page giving you the chance to buy a subscription. But, there is one slight problem. As you proceed with the registration, you will suddenly receive a message that you need an American issued payment card or an American PayPal account to pay for the service. And that means game over for most people. If you are stuck with this problem, you can learn more about how you can pay for Hulu without an American payment card in this article.

hulu website
The Hulu website as you can see it outside the USA.

But, let us say that you have a Hulu subscription and want to watch content on Hulu, even when you are located elsewhere, for example in France, in Egypt, or in South Africa. Can this be fixed in any kind of way?

If you try to watch Hulu abroad

I have a Hulu subscription, and if I simply visit the Hulu website outside the USA, I will see the following error message (in Windows).

the hulu website isn't loading
The Hulu website isn’t loading

This is Hulu’s way of telling you that you cannot stream Hulu abroad. As you might know, many people use all sorts of VPN services to get an American IP address, and thus bypass such blocks. But, if you choose the wrong VPN, you will still see the error message above, or maybe you will get past it, but when you try to stream actual content, you will see a message similar to this one.

p-edu101 error on hulu
The P-EDU101 error message on Hulu (you see it if your VPN is blocked by Hulu)

And the truth is, most VPN providers are blocked by Hulu. So, let us return to the actual subject of this article. Can you use ExpressVPN to stream Hulu abroad?

Can I watch Hulu with ExpressVPN? Does it work?

I have an ExpressVPN subscription (and also subscription to several other VPN providers). But, now I will open my ExpressVPN application and connect to a server in the USA.

If you don’t have an ExpressVPN subscription yourself and want to give it a try, click the button below to visit their website.

Visit the ExpressVPN website

If you purchase a 12-months plan after clicking the button above, you will receive three months for free! But, I suggest you read the rest of the article before you continue!

So, I connect to an ExpressVPN server in the United States, which immediately gives me an American IP address. Considering that ExpressVPN has implemented the LightWay protocol (built on the WireGuard protocol), the connection is made very fast (within a few seconds).

visiting the Hulu website
I am connecting to a server in the United States with ExpressVPN to get an American IP address.

Now it is time to log in to the website. That is smooth and I am quickly able to see the full catalog of content available with my Hulu subscription.

The Hulu website loads properly with ExpressVPN
The Hulu website loads properly with ExpressVPN

I can now find the movie or TV series that I am interested in. I do enjoy the Lord of the Rings movies, but I don’t have time for that. But, I did miss out on the final episode of Seinfeld back in the days, so I guess it is time to stream it right now.

I click the Seinfeld logo and I am curious to see if I can actually stream the content, or if I will receive the P-EDU101 VPN error code. This is the final test!

Seinfeld on Hulu
Guess what – it works! I am able to stream Hulu content with ExpressVPN!

It worked! Seinfeld loaded, and now I am able to stream the final episode of this super-popular NBC show from back in the days. ExpressVPN did the job, and even better, based on experience, I also know that the VPN can be used to stream Amazon Prime, Netflix, PeacockTV, CBS All Access, and lots of other services online.

Conclusion: ExpressVPN is perfect for those who want to stream Hulu abroad on all their devices.

Want to give it a try?

Visit the ExpressVPN website

Click the button above to visit the ExpressVPN website.

  • ExpressVPN has a 30-day full refund policy. If you don’t like it, you can ask and get your money back.
  • You can use your subscription on five devices at the same time (making it enough for you and your friends).
  • They have applications for Windows, Ubuntu, Mac, Android, iOS, Fire TV, and several other platforms.
  • It is really easy to use!
  • It is based in British Virgin Islands, making it ideal for anonymity and privacy.
  • The have a strict no-logging policy.
  • This is a big VPN provider given that it has servers in almost 100 countries.

Go ahead and give it a try if you want to watch Hulu abroad.

I have tried to answer the question about the relationship between Hulu and ExpressVPN as detailed as possible in this article, and even including illustrations to make it easy to grasp and to understand.

Should you still have any questions or maybe feel insecure, write a comment and I will do my best to answer, support, and to help!

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