What is the P-EDU101 Error on Hulu?

Have you tried to stream Hulu recently, but instead of watching The Handmaid’s Tale, The Blacklist, or some other show on Hulu, all you could see was the P-EDU101 error message? What is it all about, and what can you do about it?

The error message you will see when you get the P-EDU101 error message on Hulu says something like this:

“It looks like you’re using an anonymous proxy or VPN. You’ll need to disable it to watch Hulu. “

So, Hulu tries to explain the P-EDU101 error message with this text. But, how can you actually fix it and what can you do about it?

Hopefully, you do understand the problem, and if you do, you most likely understand the solution as well. After all, if you use just any VPN service on the market, you are blocked by Hulu exactly for that reason. They do not like VPN providers, and thus they block as many IP addresses as possible to make sure people don’t watch Hulu abroad, nor watch it using a VPN in the United States.

Error message p-EDU 101 on Hulu
Error message p-EDU 101 on Hulu

What is the solution to the P-EDU101 error message?

What you need to do in order to get rid of the error message is to use a VPN provider that indeed works with Hulu. That might sound hard, but it is really easy. Currently, a very good VPN provider that works very well with Hulu is PureVPN.

Visit PureVPN website

Click the button above to visit the PureVPN website. They have a 31-day full refund policy and some of the cheapest VPN prices on the market.

Once you have signed up for their services, download their VPN client. This is a brilliant client and it makes it really easy to unblock and watch Hulu abroad or in the USA using a VPN that really encrypts your online activities.

When the application is up and running, choose the streaming mode and then go to popular websites. On the list, you will find Hulu. Click the Hulu text, and you will automatically connect to a PureVPN server in the United States that works with Hulu.

Afterward, simply reload your browser or restart your Hulu application on your iOS or Android device. You are now ready to stream Hulu using a VPN service without getting the P-EDU101 error message. This also works on Amazon Fire TVs and other smart TVs.

If you get the P-EDU121 error message, this works as a good solution to that error message as well.

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