Can I watch The Mandalorian on Hulu?

The Mandalorian is considered to be the TV show of the year among fans worldwide. It premiered on November 12th on Disney Plus and the final episode aired on the streaming service on December 27th in 2019. But, can you stream The Mandalorian on Hulu? After all, Disney+ and Hulu are close companions!

If you want to stream The Mandalorian, it would be very easy to watch it with your Hulu subscription at But, even though you can purchase a package during sign-up at Disney+ including Hulu, you cannot stream the Disney+ content at the actual Hulu platform. That is why you need to visit Disney+ and stream The Mandalorian there. But, if you first plan on purchasing a Disney+ subscription (and you already have a Hulu subscription), you should probably cancel your current Hulu subscription and sign up for the combined package at Disney+. The price remains the same, but you will then get a subscription to ESPN+ as a bonus (without extra cost). You can learn more about the different Disney+ package in this video.

Can I watch The Mandalorian on Hulu?
Is it possible to watch The Mandalorian on Hulu?

The Mandalorian on Hulu

Didn’t mind reading the introduction to this article? Do you just want a quick answer to your question about whether or not you can watch The Mandalorian on Hulu? The answer is NO! But, if you have the combined package, you can stream The Mandalorian, but you will still need to stream it on Disney+ ( and not on Hulu (

That is simply the way things are and work!

I guess you should get ready to stream The Mandalorian on Disney+ right now. As you probably know, this page deals with Hulu questions and first of all how to stream Hulu abroad. But, what can you do if you want to watch Disney+ abroad? Is there a VPN that works well with Disney+? Check the linked article to find updated and detailed information on the topic.

Get ready for some fun.

If you need some help streaming The Mandalorian or if you have some other questions, write them down in the comment field!

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