Can I watch Blindspot on Netflix?

Blindspot is one of my favorite TV series, but unfortunately it is very hard to watch it on Netflix. Is it possible to stream Blindspot on Netflix at all? How can you watch Blindspot on Netflix? Here you can find all the information you need!

For a long time, it was impossible to find Blindspot on Netflix. But, since the autumn of 2019, you can now stream the NBC series on Netflix. Read on to find out how it can be done!

Blindspot Season 2 will be aired soonBlindspot is coming to an end on NBC soon. Find out how to watch the entire series on Netflix.
Blindspot is coming to an end on NBC soon. Find out how to watch the entire series on Netflix.

If you want to watch Blindspot online, there has been a chance of streaming it on Hulu and also on the actual NBC website. But, this is very limited and hard, so it would be way better to stream it on Netflix, wouldn’t it? But, how and where can you find Blindspot on Netflix?

The fifth season of Blindspot is not yet on Netflix, but whenever it gets there, I will update this article!

Nations in which you can stream Blindspot on Netflix

If you live in Mexico, Argentina, or Brazil, you will be able to stream Blindspot on Netflix. If you live in another nation, then you will not be able to stream it. There is, of course, a way around this, and that is if you follow my instructions to get access to Brazilian Netflix from abroad. Click the link to find out how it can be done.

Watch Blindspot on Netflix

If you are eager to watch Blindspot on Netflix, do as follows!

  • First, you need to purchase a VPN subscription to the VPN provider Surfshark VPN.
Visit Surfshark VPN(and watch Blindspot on Netflix)
  • After you have bought a Surfshark VPN subscription, download their VPN client which is available for Windows, Macintosh, telephones and tablets (both iOS and Android), and even more platforms.
  • Run the application, login with your password and username, and connect to a server in Brazil.
  • You will then get a Brazilian IP address and you will be able to watch Brazilian Netflix abroad.

Once you are connected to a Surfshark VPN server in Brazil, make sure to reload your browser window or to close and restart the Netflix application on your phone or tablet. Once this is done, you can search for Blindspot, and you will find it at once on Netflix in Brazil.

When you are finished watching Blindspot on Netflix

When you have watched all the episodes of Blindspot available on Netflix in Brazil, do not think that life is over. You can use Surfshark VPN to access content in more than 12 other Netflix regions. Connect to a server in Australia to find out what you can stream on Australian Netflix that you cannot find elsewhere. Then it is time to find out what’s worth streaming on UK Netflix, and the list could go on.

If you ever get tired of Netflix, you can also use Surfshark VPN to stream the BBC abroad, ITV abroad, and lots of other TV networks and streaming services.

Is Blindspot worth watching?

For the first seasons, I loved Blindspot and it was really cool. I got a bit tired of the series after the first two seasons, but once you get going, it is hard to stop. In other words, if I got started with season 3 right now, I would for sure not be able to stop until I had finished it.

What are your thoughts about Blindspot? Does it get better and better, or is it getting worse with the years?

If you need any help streaming Blindspot on Netflix, write a comment and I will do my best to help you out!

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  1. I hope they put blindspot on Netflix. That’s the only way I can catch up on all tv shows I’ve missed..!!

    1. It would be great, but personally I watch it on Hulu instead at the moment. It works great, the new episodes are added immediately, and you can even go for an ad-free version! More info on how you can watch Hulu online can be found at

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