Do you want to watch “Hep Yek: Düğün” on Netflix?

The streaming giant Netflix has recently released the movie “Hep Yek: Düğün” on Netflix in Turkey and Germany. These are the first countries to give access to the movie to its subscribers. Earlier, people in these and a few other countries have been able to watch the predecessor from 2021, “Hep Yek 4: Bela Okuma Altan” on Netflix for a while.

Are you a fan of Turkish comedies? Follow the crazy story of Altan and Gürkan as they encounter the infamous Ali Kapan, dubbed as “Satan’s shadow on earth,” and Gürkan’s uncle must step in to rescue them from trouble. Well, that is what you will see if you watch movie number four.

But, if you want to watch “Hep Yek: Dugun” on Netflix, you will watch a story in which Altan and Gürkan break out of a prison in Istanbul and cause chaos by abducting the daughter of the most prominent Anatolian mafia boss on her wedding day. Doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun?

How can you watch “Hep Yek: Düğün” on Netflix?

You should either move to Germany or Turkey, or you should take a look at one of the following articles:

I believe many will find these movies to be incredibly amusing. You don’t find a lot of information about them online, and as I looked for reviews, they were mostly very bad and with low ratings.

But, who cares? Crazy comedies are normally not highly appreciate by the professional critics, but those who love good humor will often enjoy them, just like the Borat movies turned incredibly popular worldwide.

Are there any trailers available online?

There are not many trailers available with English language, so the best option is to watch a Turkish trailer and then make YouTube automatically translate it to English for you. Another option is to visit Netflix and watch a trailer on Netflix, as it is made available in more langauges and with subtitles on the streaming platform.

Go ahead and stream these movies, and please leave a comment below to let me hear how you liked the movies afterward!

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