“My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3” is on Netflix!

The big family is traveling to Greece to celebrate a wedding once again. Luckily, you don’t need to travel to Greece to watch the movie, after all, being in Greece will not help you at all. Why is that? The only country in the world at the moment where you can stream “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3” on Netflix is in South Korea. If you have been waiting eagerly for this movie to arrive, follow the instructions in this movie to watch the movie in a few minutes!

The first movie in the series was released in 2002 and it became a big success. Today, this movie can be seen on Netflix in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and in Colombia.

my big fat greek wedding on netflix

The second movie was released 14 years later and had the original name “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.” If you thought the story would come to an end in 2016 with the release of the second movie, you were wrong.

Maybe the writers and the actors got bored during Covid-19, because in 2023, the new movie was released… and here we are in 2024 with “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3” available on Netflix.

I must honestly admit, I am not a big fan of the movies. They will probably do me good if I am extremely tired and laugh at any sort of jokes together with my wife or good friends. But, if I am in a normal state of mind, then the jokes rather annoy me. But, I do understand that you might be interested in watching “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3” on Netflix.

If you want to watch “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3” on Netflix.

It is very easy. You can watch the second and the third film on Netflix in South Korea. Luckily, you can access the content in South Korea (and also the content in Mexico and Argentina) using the VPN services of Surfshark.

In other words, click the button below to visit the Surfshark website. After you have purchased a subscription, install the Surfshark application and connect to a server in either Argentina, Mexico, or South Korea. With this done, you are ready to stream the “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” movies on Netflix.

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Which is the best of the three movies?

  • The first movie has a 66% rating on IMDb and a 77% score on Rotten Tomatoes. This is quite strange, because normally scores are always higher at IMDb than on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • The second movie has a 6/10 score on IMDb, while the Rotten Tomatoes score is 28%.
  • The third movie has a 5.2/10 score on IMDb, while the Rotten Tomatoes score is 33%.

What is the conclusion? The first movie is probably the best, and the one with the most success, but they still try to milk the cow with newer movies. Who knows, maybe we will get a fourth movie sometime in the future?

wedding in greece

What is “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 1” about?

“My Big Fat Greek Wedding” tells us the romantic misadventures of Toula Portokalos, a shy Greek-American woman working at her family’s restaurant in Chicago. Feeling trapped by her traditional Greek upbringing and longing for something more, Toula’s life takes a dramatic turn when she falls in love with a non-Greek man named Ian Miller. As they navigate the complexities of their cross-cultural relationship, Toula must also contend with her overbearing family’s insistence on Greek tradition, leading to a series of comedic and heartfelt moments as Toula learns to embrace her heritage while pursuing her own happiness.

The film celebrates the power of love, family, and cultural identity in a charming and hilarious manner, ultimately culminating in a joyous and “big, fat” Greek wedding.

What is “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” about?

In “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2,” Toula and Ian navigate the challenges of parenthood as their teenage daughter Paris prepares for college, struggling with her Greek heritage and family’s overbearing nature. Amidst this, a surprising family secret surfaces, prompting another big, fat Greek wedding that brings the Portokalos family together once more. The film explores themes of family, love, and cultural identity, delivering plenty of laughs and heartwarming moments, making it an enjoyable sequel for fans of the original.

What is “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3” about?

In what might be the final movie in the story, the family of the Portokalos’ patriarch who has recently died gather together. Toula and her family reconnect with their roots, find old friends and navigate new adventures in Greece. This is once again time to explore Greek traditions, eat local food, see attractions, and have fun as crazy things happen to them all the time.

Are you ready to stream the movies on Netflix? Enjoy the show!

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