Hot Pursuit is now available on Hulu

One of the worst films made and published in 2015 was probably Hot Pursuit. The main role is played by Reese Witherspoon which sounded promising, but the result was a catastrophe.

In Hot Pursuit, which is now available on Hulu, we follow Reese Witherspoon who was sent to pick up a criminal at his house to take him into custody and protect him. During their visit to pick him up bad guys come and attack the house, and all Reese Witherspoon manage to protect is the wife of the criminal, played by Sofia Vergara.

This could have turned into a fantastic and cool film, but unfortunately it ends up completely different, more like a catastrophe and a perfect way to waste a couple of hours. The film lasts for about 90 minutes, but if I were you I would go ahead and watch The Heat or some similar film instead of Hot Pursuit.

But, if you still want to watch Hot Pursuit, then go ahead and watch it on Hulu right away. If  you are located outside the US and want to watch Hulu, press the link.

Above you can take a look at the Hot Pursuit trailer, and if you consider watching the film, at least take your time to watch the trailer before you do so, and maybe you will change your mind and watch another film instead.

If you want to do something similar, but it still has to be Hot Pursuit, then I would much rather play the old Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit instead… much funnier!

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