Now you can watch Amistad on Hulu

Would you like to watch Amistad on Hulu? It has recently been added, so if you want to see a classic about slavery and fighting for freedom, then this is a film you should absolutely watch.

Amistad on Hulu
Now you can watch Amistad on Hulu

The story takes place in 1839 when a ship full of slaves travel from Cuba to America. During the trip there is an uprising among the slaves and once caught they are taken to Connecticut where their case is put on trial. This is where we also meet Morgan Freeman and Anthony Hopkins who take big parts in the entire case.

You can watch the Amistad trailer further down, but if you would rather watch the entire film then you can simply visit and start watching. If you are located abroad then you can find out more about watching Hulu overseas right here.

The film Amistad has received fairly good critics and it has almost 8/10 as its score on IMDB.

If you would rather watch a more modern film dealing with the same subject, then you could consider films such as Woodlawn or Selma. If you have seen Amistad and want to write a few sentences to share your thoughts on the film, please use the comment field further down on this page!

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