Now you can stream Six at Hulu

I knew nothing about the TV series Six before it suddenly showed up on my Hulu starting page. Now the full first season is available on Hulu, so stream it if you feel like.

Six is an action TV series about a group of navy seals. They all return to the United States, but their former boss is taken captive on foreign ground. Now the team has to get back in business to liberate their former boss, better known as RIP.

So far I have only streamed the first episode of Six, but it looks really promising and I look forward to streaming even more episodes in the future.

Streaming Six on Hulu
Here I am streaming Six on Hulu

If you have ever heard about the TV series Nobel, a Norwegian TV series, this feels kind of similar to that one, just more American.

Six is produced by History channel, but there is little of history in it, instead you will get lots of action as you stream Six on Hulu.

More info about Six

The TV series premiered on January 18th in 2017, and the first season consists of 8 episodes. It has received quite good critics, and for that reason it has been renewed for a second season which is likely to premiere in 2018.

It is interesting to notice that Six only has a 55% score on Rotten Tomatoes in its critics score, but the common audience like it much more. In fact Six has a 90% audience score at Rotten Tomatoes, meaning that the average viewer like it a lot.

Have you seen Six yet? Did you like it? Want to find out more about how you can stream Six on Hulu outside the USA? It is very easy, and you can just click the link to find out more about how it can be done.

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