Can I watch Hulu Live TV in Windows?

Hulu Live TV has been here for about a month in beta version, but I can not watch it in Windows. Is that a mistake? Is it possible to stream Hulu Live TV in Windows?

Hulu Live TV is a brilliant service that feels quite similar to services such as YouTube TV and DirecTV. The difference however is that lots of people actually use Hulu already, and thus a subscription tot he live TV services from Hulu will feel cheaper than the monthly fees you pay by YouTube TV, DirecTV and Fubo TV. There is however a slight problem, because Hulu Live TV is not available for all platforms yet. You can in other words not use Hulu Live TV on all platforms yet.

You can watch Hulu Live TV on the following platforms:

If you have a Chromecast, an Apple TV, an Android or an iOS device or an Xbox, then you can stream Hulu Live TV at home right away with a valid subscription.

You can NOT watch Hulu live TV on:

If you have a normal Mac or a Windows computer you will however not be able to watch live TV at the very moment. This is probably a question of only days or months before that will change, but at the time I am writing this article Hulu Live TV can not be watched on a Windows computer or a Mac computer. That is quite a pity, but hopefully this will change within shortly.

Is there a way to stream Hulu live TV from abroad? I do not have a working method up and going just yet, but I will of course write more about it as soon as I get to know more about it.

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