You can now stream HBO on Hulu

Hulu is expanding even more, and right now you can sign up for HBO on Hulu. You no longer need a stand-alone HBO Now subscription, but you can sign up for HBO Now at the Hulu website.

HBO will be a add-on to the Hulu service, in the same way as you can add Cinemax and Showtime. The HBO add-on costs 15 USD a month, exactly the same you would pay for an HBO Now subscription. What’s very positive is however that you do not need to have your HBO Now subscription anymore, because it is much better to organize everything on Hulu, instead of using lots of different portals and paying to different companies.

HBO Now on Hulu

As you sign up for the HBO add-on (which comes for free the first thirty days), you get access to all movies and TV series, just like you would with HBO Now. At the moment there is no support for streaming HBO live at the Hulu website in Windows, but you can easily use your Hulu ID and watch HBO  at the HBO Now in Windows. You can stream HBO using the Hulu application on Android devices, iOS devices, on Apple TV and also on Chromecast. I have already tested it, and it works very well!

Would you like to give it a try? Visit the Hulu website and sign up right away!

For more information on how you can watch Hulu from abroad (and now also HBO at Hulu), visit the following article.

Are you happy about HBO coming to Hulu? Would you consider paying 15 USD a month for this add-on to your already existing Hulu subscription? I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic!

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