Error 3(-996) on Hulu – What is it?

Have you ever gotten the error code 3(-996) on Hulu? I have. What is it about? What is the solution?

hulu error -996
Do you get this error message on Hulu?

I am not a tech expert, but I know that I have received the error code 3(-996) on Hulu. I get the error message when I use an Android device, but why I get it I do not really understand. I have had several suspicions related to the error code, but none seem to be correct.

  • I first thought it was related to a VPN connection, but it wasn’t.
  • I then thought it was related to my SmartDNS connection, but it wasn’t.

How do I know? Because I later used another Android device, and could stream Hulu content with no problem. I then tried to stream Hulu on an iPad, and could do so with no problem. I tried to uninstall and re-install the Hulu application on my Android phone, but that did not work

What is the conclusion about error 3(-996)?

I really have no clue what is causing the error 3(-996) on my Android device. My suspicion is it is connected to some sort of error on my phone, but I do not really get what kind of error.

Have you got any clue? I would love to hear your comments!

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  1. I am having a similar issue with Hulu. All I can gather is that it is a generic playback error and it means some devices just aren’t compatible with the Hulu app. Maybe an update with fix it??

    1. Hey Jay,
      It seems to be something like that, and hopefully a fix in the future will help solve the problem! Thanks for your feedback!

    2. i received the same error. hulu support informs me that my device wasn’t compatible. I’ve having a hard time believing that is the issue. I’m running a My Gica box with Android 5.1.1. Same operating system as my Nexus tablet that is working. Makes no sense.

      1. I have been streaming hulu for 3 years on my phone, and recieved this error code. So it was compatible for 3 years and now it’s not?

    3. It just happened to us within the last few days. None of our equipment has changed or had an update recently. So everything is the same on our end. This happened to coincide with hulu’s recent upgrade of the user experience.
      It’s a problem at Hulu. They are the only thing that changed. They goofed up on their end but will never admit it. Hopefully they will quietly fix their issue. There are other choices for us.

  2. I use a roku and Hulu has always worked. All of a sudden it doesn’t and I’m getting error code 3 also. I hate this because if Hulu doesn’t fix this issue they will lose our business and I’m guessing a whole lot of others as well

  3. I did the Hulu update a bit over two weeks ago on my Zidoo X9S and all of a sudden Error Code 3(-996) and it no longer worked! So I didn’t do the updates on my Roku, T95Z Plus or my Wetek Play 2, Both of these android boxes continue to work fine currently and I don’t allow automatic updates now on either of my other android boxes, the only one that did automatic updates was the Zidoo X9S.

  4. I found the solution for this error code at least for the android phones. Go into your application manager (where all of your apps are). Scroll down until you find hulu and click on it. The first option you should see is “storage.” Click on it. Now, you will see an option for “clear data”
    Click that and when its done, go back to hulu and log in. Everything should be in working order now. Literally I had this error code and just fixed it myself using this strategy so i know it works.

  5. Having the same issue on my abox (Android box)… You raise pricing but yet your customers can’t view the product. Scam.

    1. I don’t get the error anymore, so I have no clue really what its about anymore…. good luck finding out!

  6. I’m having the same problem Error code: 3(-996) unique error ID: aac16746-1. I was chatting with a HULU agent last night who said he did some “back end work,” but it didn’t fix the error code I still can’t watch anything on my Android box after uninstalling and reinstalling HULU, but I can watch HULU on my laptop. Just weird I’m thinking about canceling my subscription.

    1. clear your android Storage
      -error- 3(-996)
      I suggest clearing your android of cache and running programs you don’t want.

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