The best Christmas content on Hulu in 2016

Want to take a break from all Christmas preparations? Fire up Hulu on your TV or computer and watch some Christmas movies and TV-series. Here are my recommendations!

To be honest I must admit that Hulu has done a great job recommend Christmas content to their subscribers. In fact they have a dedicated page with information on content available suitable for this upcoming holiday. If you want to check it out for yourself, press the link in the bottom of this article.

What makes Hulu so brilliant is that they do not only recommend Christmas movies, but they have selected some of the best episodes from different TV series that we love that has to do with Christmas. So, why not watch an episode of Seinfeld that deals with Christmas, or maybe or maybe a Christmas episode of The Mindy Project?

What to watch on Hulu this Christmas

The best Christmas content on Hulu in 2016

Turn your TV into a fireplace

If you want to enjoy a romantic and peaceful Christmas evening with Hulu, then you might consider turning your TV into a fireplace. That can easily be done as there are several videos showing fireplaces, Christmas lights, decorations and more. Could that be something for you?


A Merry Friggin Christmas

This movie can also be found on Amazon Prime and I included it in my list of the best Christmas movies on Amazon Prime in 2016. It isn’t a fantastic movie in itself, but considering the lack of great Christmas movies this is one of those you might want to watch. This is also one of the last movies with Robbie Williams in, so that should be a reason good enough to actually watch this Christmas movie on Hulu.

Inspector Gadget saves Christmas

This might not be the most serious movie, but if you are a fan of cartoons and Inspector Gadget, then you are already preparing yourself to find out how this brilliant detective can save Christmas from the evil forces.

Doc McStuffins Christmas Episode

As I mentioned earlier Hulu has also prepared with already selecting the best Christmas episodes from several of the most popular TV shows available. That is why you can watch the best Christmas episode with Santa Claus included from Doc McStuffins. If that sounds boring, then you might be even more interested in watching as Christmas comes to Handy Manny and his friends.

A Fairly Odd Christmas

If you want to have a nice Christmas, then skip this movie. If you want an odd Christmas, then this might be the movie, but I have a feeling this will destroy your Christmas mood instead of giving you more of it. If you have the nerve to watch such a terrible movie about a guy who has to save Christmas, go ahead. Merry Christmas!

Find more Christmas recommendations made by Hulu themselves

You can find a full overview of Christmas content on Hulu at this site.

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