The best Christmas movies on Amazon Prime 2016

Christmas is right around the corner and we are all looking for the ultimate Christmas atmosphere. Maybe watching a Christmas movie on Amazon Prime will do the job for you?

I have recently written an article on the best Christmas movies on US Netflix in 2016. I must admit that the list of movies available there that deals with Christmas is terrible. I therefore had great hopes that whatever would be on Amazon Prime would be way better, but after looking through what Christmas movies Amazon Prime has to offer, I am not you convinced.

I have however selected a few movies that I believe might surprise you and bring Christmas into your home. If you have other suggestions for Christmas movies available on Amazon Prime, please write a comment beneath.


Christmas movies on Amazon Prime

A Merry Friggin Christmas

This has got to be maybe the best Christmas movie on Amazon Prime. The movie is from 2014 and it is one of the last movies featuring Robbie Williams. The story is a story we have heard way to often… a family that do not want to unite for Christmas (or at other times) suddenly has to spend Christmas together. It is doomed for disaster, but of course Christmas might surprise us.

Christmas In Wonderland

This is the closest you will get to Home Alone. Two children at a shopping male share their wishes with Santa Claus. One of them wants one million dollar and a few minutes later a bag packed with money drops down in front of them. They start using the money, but soon it gets clear that it is fake money. The cops, the crooks and the children all play an important part in this action-comedy kind of Christmas movie.

Beverly Hills Christmas

You know that very annoying and super spoiled girl? She is the subject in this movie. A guardian angel is sent to earth to help her get back on track, and her parents do their best at helping out as well. The girl ends up in a soup kitchen where she meets a handsome boy, and who knows where the story will go from there?

By God’s Grace

This movie tells the story of a boy who decided to stay at home. He grew up in the perfect family, with perfect values and everything was great. But, then he stayed at home and the message is delivered by a police officer that his family died in an accident. What happens to our guy then? He almost goes crazy and everyone wants to help him, but nobody seem to succeed.

Saving Christmas

In this movie from Kirk Cameron we meet a guy who hates Christmas. He doesn’t hate Christmas, but he can’t stand what Christmas has turned into. What happens then? Kirk will try to save Christmas by bringing back the original message to the celebration.

These are maybe the best Christmas movies you can watch on Amazon Prime during the Christmas of 2016. If you have other recommendations, ideas or comments, please write them down beneath.

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