The best Christmas movies on US Netflix [2016]

Christmas is soon here and you are desperate to get in the right Christmas mood. Why not watch a Christmas movie on US Netflix? Which movie to choose?

I wrote an article back in 2015 presenting the best Christmas movies on Netflix then. Since that article was written a lot of things have changed. Most importantly it has become much harder to change your Netflix region, meaning that you will probably just watch in the Netflix region you are currently in. And, which Netflix region is the most popular with most subscribers? US Netflix! So, here comes the list presenting the best Christmas movies on US Netflix in 2016.

Here I give you the best five Christmas movies on US Netflix in 2016

Best Christmas movies on US Netflix in 2016

A Very Murray Christmas

What will Christmas be like and the great Christmas show by Bill Murray when all airports are closed, electricity is gone and everything seems to fail? That is the story in this Netflix movie which first aired in December 2015.  This might become a new Christmas classic.

Son of God

What is Christmas all about? Would you like to get some more insight in the original Christmas story? Watch the big production named Son of God in which you can follow Jesus Christ during his time here on earth. This might not be the comedy you are looking for, but if you want real Christmas coming into your home, then this is all about it!

Christmas With The Kranks

This ain’t a favorite of mine, but it still is about Christmas and it can still be fun to watch on US Netflix. For the first time the Kranks have decided to skip Christmas and instead travel abroad to celebrate Christmas in the sun. That is a disaster as they live in a street with long Christmas traditions. But, suddenly everything changes and they have to spend Christmas at home instead.

While You Were Sleeping

A guy gets hit and wakes up without remembering to much. Sandra Bullock works in a hospital, but suddenly the family of the guy believes Sandra Bullock to be the fiance of the guy not remembering anything. This is a nice combination of a nice story and a very romantic story, all taking place during Christmas.

Love Actually

This has become the ultimate Christmas movie in lots of homes all around the globe. This is a superstar movie with tons of stars which actually turned into a success. Here we follow lots of different stories which somehow are connected still. The movie is packed with love, it is packed with Christmas and it is one of the movies you just have to watch for Christmas.

I want more Christmas movies on Netflix

So do I, but unfortunately there are few good Christmas movies on US Netflix. The movie I miss the most is The Holiday, but that can only be seen in a few Netflix regions (and US Netflix is not one of those). You can do a search on for Christmas and you will see a few more movies showing up, but they are mostly terrible or even worse than terrible, and that is why I did not include them on this list.

If you have other suggestions or recommendations, please write them down in the comment field beneath.

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