Can I watch Westworld on

Westworld is the brand new HBO series creatod by and for HBO. Don’t have access to HBO? Would you like to watch Westworld on

I have watched the first episodes of Westworld and I must admit that I am not at all impressed. I did not get caught up with the story and comparing it with Game of Thrones I would say that Game of Thrones was much more appealing based on the first episodes than Westworld. But, if you are a Westworld fan for some reason and want to give it a chance, then can you do so at Amazon?


Can I watch Westworld at Amazon?

At the moment you can not. But, I do expect that once the first season of Westworld is finished airing on HBO then it will become available on quite soon. It will for sure not be made available to Amazon Prime members, but you will be able to buy the rights to watch Westworld either episode by episode or the entire first season at the same time.

But, if you are in a hurry then I would rather sign up for a free 30 day trial of HBO Now and then you can watch not only Westworld, but also Game of Thrones and other HBO series for free for thirty days. If you are located outside the United States then read more about how you can watch HBO overseas at

There are lots of other HBO series available for you to watch on, but you always have to wait a bit before the new episodes and seasons arrive. That is in fact a bit different between HBO and other TV networks. Most TV networks publish new episodes at immediately after airing, while HBO keeps their episodes waiting until the entire season is ready. At least that is what they seem to do with Westworld.

Will you wait for Westworld to arrive to Amazon before you watch, or will you watch Westworld on HBO Now instead?

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