Three new 2016 TV series worth watching

For fans of TV series autumn is like Christmas. The biggest TV networks broadcast their new TV series and we all get new favorites. Here I present to you the three best newcomers on the TV screen this autumn.

I have to start this article with saying that this list is very subject to my own taste and opinion. I have watched several episodes of Westworld on HBO, but even though I have family members who totally love Westworld, it is far away from being on my top three list of new TV shows. There are of course some TV series that I haven’t been able to watch as well, but based on all the new TV series I have watched, this is my top three list!

The best TV series in 2016
Presenting the best new TV series in 2016

The third best new TV series in 2016 – The Good Place

This is a TV series that I like simply because it is easy to watch. It is a bit different than other comedy series considering the fact that the story takes place after death. So, what is life like in afterlife? And what is life like in The Good Place? You could ask Kirsten Bell who has the main role in The Good Place. The only problem is that she wasn’t supposed to end up in this place. As we get to know her it is easy to she that she would have deserved to end up somewhere else, but luckily for her something got wrong in the logistics.

The Good Place is a comedy that will put a smile on your mouth, you will get some basic knowledge in philosophy and teachings on moral, and you can see what Ted Danson looks like millions of years after he appeared on Cheers back in the days!

You can watch The Good Place online on the NBC website or at Hulu if you have a subscription to their services.

The second best new TV series in 2016 – Lethal Weapon

If you would have asked me in August which shows I believed would become new favorites, then I can assure you that Lethal Weapon would not have been on that list. I enjoyed the original Lethal Weapon movies, but not that much. But, as Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh returns in the Lethal Weapon TV series from Fox I simply enjoy it a lot. They are so similar to the original characters and Martin Riggs still get on the nerves of Murtaugh. They are a fantastic team, and every episode is packed with humor and action.

You can watch Lethal Weapon online on the Fox website or on Hulu.

The best new TV series in 2016  – Designated Survior

I am still crying by the thought that 24 will soon come back without Kiefer Sutherland playing the role as Jack Bauer. I did not expect much from him in his role as the American President in Designated Survivor, but watching him in the first episodes of Designated Survivor I believe he would do a way better job than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump would do in that actual job.

In Designated Survivor the entire cabinet and the President die during a terrorist attack. There is however a Designated Survivor, someone hidden away for the purpose of surviving, in case such an attack would take place. On this day the Designated Survivor is Tom Kirkman (played by Kiefer Sutherland). Now he suddenly has to lead the United States of America as they aim to hunt down the terrorists. Meanwhile there are tough battles inside the nation and Tom Kirkman does not have the full support of the people surrounding him.

What makes Designated Survivor brilliant is that you can not only watch it on ABC, but you can also access it and watch the episodes on Hulu and on Netflix.

These are my favorite TV series among the newcomers this autumn. Do you agree with my list? Do you have another favorite that you believe deserve to be on such a list? I would love to hear about your favorite TV shows!

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