Where to watch Strike Back online?

Are you a fan of TV series like 24, or maybe Blindspot or The Player? These are all action TV series and if you want to watch more TV shows like that, then you should absolutely watch Strike Back as well. In this TV series which consist of four seasons you will meet the Sulivan Stapleton (who plays the main role in Blindspot) and Philip Winchester who plays the main role in The Player.

Strike Back on NOW TV

You should know that Strike Back was made before both Blindspot and The Player, but this is a really hot action series and it reminds me a lot of 24 when it comes to intensity and level of action.

If you are in for some action like that and would like to watch Strike Back online, then the very best way to do so is by watching it with an Entertainment Pass on NOW TV. Since this is partly a Sky production it isĀ  for sure the right place to watch it. You can for example watch the first two seasons for free on Amazon.com if you are a Prime member, but you will need to pay per episode or per season extra to watch season 3 and 4. On NOW TV you can watch all four seasons online included in your pass, so if you are a fan who suddenly have some days off and want to watch it all at the same time, then the Entertainment pass from NOW TV is for sure the best option and way to do so.

And do not forget that Strike Back is like 24, it is addictive, and you can not really stop before you have finished.

If you want to watch Strike Back on NOW TV then go ahead and watch it there. If you are located outside England then you will need an English IP address for this to work, and you can read more about how to get one and how to watch NOW TV from outside England in the linked article.

I am a big fan of Strike Back and I hope you will become one as well! If you have questions or comments, just write!

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