Can I watch the Super Cup Final 2017 on Sky Sports?

The UEFA Super Cup final will be played in Skopje on August 8th. The teams playing will be Manchester United and Real Madrid. Is it possible to watch the Super Cup Final on Sky Sports?

It has been a while since the UEFA Super Cup final was as interesting as it is this year. Manchester United, a team that only finish sixth in last years Premier League, managed to win the Europe League, and thus they are now playing the UEFA Super Cup final against Real Madrid. Most people will agree, that Manchester United is a great team, and their fans believe that 2017-18 might be the year when they regain their spot at the top of the Premier League. But, before the season starts, they will have to play against Real Madrid in the UEFA Super Cup Final.

UEFA Super Cup Final on Sky Sports?

Unfortunately, Sky Sports will not broadcast the UEFA Super Cup Final between Real Madrid and Manchester United in 2017. In the UK, BT Sport has the rights for the match, and thus it will be hard for those without a BT Sport cable subscription to stream the game online. Luckily, there are other ways to stream the match online, and in the following article in the IP Address Guide, you can find out how to easily stream the UEFA Super Cup final online.

Do not despair!

The Premier League will have its kick-off on August 11th. And when Premier League starts, Sky Sports will be at its best, and you can see all the action. With a NOW TV Sports subscription, you can watch all the Premier League action online (with a few exceptions). You can read more about how to stream NOW TV outside England right here.

UEFA Super Cup Final online
UEFA Super Cup Final online

Are you looking forward to the new season with Premier League football on Sky Sports? I am! But, I must admit, that I most likely will stream the matches on FuboTV instead, a service I find to be cheaper and better than SkySports.

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