You can now watch 24: Legacy on NOW TV

Watch 24: Legacy on NOW TV
You can also watch 24: Legacy on Tenplay in Australia

If you have a NOW TV subscription for the Entertainment program, then you can now stream 24: Legacy online. Doesn’t that sound great?

I am a big fan of 24: Legacy, and I have written quite a lot of articles about the new season of 24 here and there. I have not yet written about it here in this blog, simply because the TV series hasn’t been available on NOW TV for such a long time.

The first episode of 24: Legacy aired in the United States on February 5th, following this years Super Bowl. Since then there has been released new episodes weekly, and I have of course watched all of them. It is possible to stream them on the Fox website, but I am not a big fan of watching Fox online, simply because of all the commercials you have to deal with. A much more convenient way to watch 24: Legacy online is to do so on Hulu, and that is what I have been doing. That is especially convenient if you have a no-commercial subscription like I do. So, I will probably not go on and start watching 24: Legacy on NOW TV, but if you have a NOW TV subscription, then I recommend that you get started right away. It is 24, just like you are used to see it.

Is 24 the same without Jack Bauer?

One of my greatest worries before the new season of 24, was what it would be like without Jack Bauer. It was a great surprise for me to discover that I had no trouble at all getting used to 24 without Jack. The concept is the key, and just like earlier, 24 was packed with action from the very first minute. And just like before, they always have a bomb to diffuse, terrorists to stop, and it is all very urgent… just the way we love it and know it from before.

The new “Jack Bauer” is named Eric Carter, and he is a former agent who has worked abroad. He has now returned to the state with a new identity, but somehow his identity (and the identities of the other members of his squad) has been released, and now the family of one of the bad guys they caught has come to take revenge. The revenge is not only on Eric Carter and his squad, but on all of America.

I am a 24 fan

I am a 24 fan, and I can also say that I am a 24: Legacy fan. If you haven’t started yet, get started and watch 24: Legacy on NOW TV. More information about how to stream NOW TV abroad can be found here at

If you really miss Jack Bauer I however suggest that you start watching Designated Survivor, a brilliant new series in which Kiefer Sutherland play the role as the president of the United States. It is really brilliant, and I might in fact find it even better than 24. You can watch Designated Survivor on Netflix.

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