How to stream the Oscars on Sky Cinema outside the UK?

In the United Kingdom Sky Cinema will broadcast the Academy Awards in 2017. Would you like to watch the event online on Sky Cinema? This is how you can watch the Oscars 2017 online on Sky Cinema all across the world.

The Academy Awards is the biggest night of the film industry every year. In 2017 the event will be arranged in Los Angeles on February 26th, but even though you are far away from Hollywood, you can still stream the Oscars online. In the United Kingdom the event will be broadcasted by Sky TV, and the Oscars will be shown on their Sky Cinema TV channel. This is only available to people with a Sky subscription in the UK, but if you do not have a Sky TV subscription, or maybe you live abroad, what can be done then?

There is an easy way in which you can stream the Oscars online on Sky Cinema, both in the UK and outside the UK. The name of the solution is NOW TV, the online platform for Sky TV. Here you can easily sign up for their services (you can even try it for free for some days), and if you sign up for the movie package, you will also get access to SKY Cinema where you can stream the Academy Awards online.

If you are located outside the United Kingdom then you can follow these instructions on how to stream Sky Cinema online from abroad on NOW TV.

Are you looking forward to the Academy Awards 2017 on Sky Cinema?

I am looking forward to the Academy Awards myself, but I am also a bit annoyed by La La Land, the movie everyone expects to win tons of Oscar statues. This is a movie loved by the critics, but the common audience have trouble not falling asleep while watching the movie. It is okay that it is well made and a masterpiece, but if the audience have trouble hearing the movie because of all the snoring surrounding them in the theaters all around the world, then it is a pity if it becomes the big winner during the Academy Awards in 2017. What do you think? Did you fall asleep watching La La Land?

There are other great movies nominated for the different Oscar statues, and I do hope that they will win lots of prices so that La La Land will win as few as possible. Time will show if I am right about this in the end or not.

Are you looking for even more methods on how to stream the Oscars online in 2017? Read this article in the ipaddressguide for even more information and methods.

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