Watch Home on NOW TV

Home on NOW TVHome is a quite new animation film from Disney which you can now watch on NOW TV. It tells us the story about a group of almost aliens who are looking for a new place to live and the earth is their goal and destination. Things are of course not as easy as you might believe, and that is what the film home is about.

You can watch the full trailer of Home in the bottom of this article. The voice of the male alien is the voice of Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory, and his voice is funny, so that is a big plus already when it comes to this film. Jennifer Lopez gives her voice to the main character, the girl, who takes care of this funny little alien and we can of course follow them as their relationship grows and gets better.

If you want to watch Home on NOW TV, then just make sure that you have a Movies subscription and you can start watching this film right away. If you have problems or questions related to watching Home on NOW TV, use the comment field beneath.

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