Watch Age of Ultron on NOW TV

Age of Ultron was released on DVD and it has been possible to buy it on Amazon for quite a while, but NOW TV is the first streaming service to get its hand on this fantastic film, and it will be made available on NOW TV for everyone with a movies subscription on December 26th.

Age of Ultron on NOW TV

I am not a big fan of Age of Ultron myself, but this is the film in which you meet all the super heroes as they work together to defeat evil. Maybe not the perfect Christmas film, but still a brilliant film, which is one of the main ingredients for most of us as we imagine a nice Christmas together with someone we love. So maybe the most important is not for this to be all about Christmas, but the main thing and the most important is that this film is a good film, and that is what will make it a winner as it is made available on NOW TV on December 26th in 2015.

If you want to watch Avengers: Age of Ultron on NOW TV, then all you need is a movies subscription, and you can start watching at once. There is though a slight problem that might occur, and that is if you are located outside the United Kingdom, because the services of NOW TV is only available to people in the UK.

To bypass this geographical restriction all you need to do is to pretend as if you are located in England, and you can find out how this is done in the following article.

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