Watch Selma on Netflix

Selma on NetflixSelma is a film I have not yet seen, but I remember a couple of months back it was a film I really wanted to see, and now I have gotten a golden opportunity as Selma now can be found on Netflix.

Currently Selma has been added to Canadian Netflix, meaning that you will need to jump between the regions for this to work if you are located somewhere else than Canada, but that is very easy and you can read more about jumping between the different Netflix regions here.

Selma is the story of Martin Luther King and his fight for equal rights for black and white. It shows his challenges, fights and his incredible courage that kept him going, even through the darkest hour!

If you want a film that has something to say, that might encourage you, or might cause you to admire a person who stood up for a cause, then Selma is a film you should watch. If you would rather just have an easy and light film this evening instead, then maybe Pixels with Adam Sandler is a much easier film to watch. But, do not forget that even though it is easier to watch a light film like Pixels, we do need those more serious films with purpose and with something to say to us!

What do you think? Would you rather watch Pixels with Adam Sandler or Selma tonight?

Want to know more about Selma? Take a look at the trailer beneath!


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