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Pixels onlineIt feels like only a few weeks since I saw this film in the cinema and now I can watch it online (legally) already on Pixels was a film I did not know to much about, but then I got it recommended from some friends and I went to see it, and I did not regret it at all!

Pixels is a film starring Adam Sandler, and that is always a sign that this is most likely to become a funny film with good jokes. And even though Pixels is not the traditional romantic comedy with Adam Sandler, there is still lots of jokes and also romance in this film.

Pixels is the story about how some aliens have gotten hold of some old games, as we played them back in the 80s. Now they have returned to earth and they want to destroy the earth, unless the people on earth manage to beat them in those old games like PacMan, Space Invaders and so on. This might sound hilarious and it truly is, but it is so cool to watch those old games coming alive in this film and if you have some remembrance of those old times and those games, you will for sure want to watch Pixels online right away.

If you have no remembrance of games in that period at all this is still a comedy worth watching, so a brilliant family film for the evening.

You can also get hold of Pixels and watch it online or buy it as a DVD in the UK Amazon Store.

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