How to watch Amazon Videos on my Playstation from abroad?

PlaystationDo you have a Playstation 3 or maybe a Playstation 4? Would you like to enjoy some good Amazon Videos, maybe one you buy as an Instant Video, or maybe you want to enjoy your Prime membership on your Playstation? But, there is a slight problem and the problem is that you are located outside the United States, and because of that nothing really work. What can be done?

These instructions are also valid if you have a UK Amazon account or an Amazon account in some other nation, so even though I use USA as the example nation, you can follow the same instructions to be able to watch Amazon Instant Videos on your Playstation in England (for example).

So, what can be done to watch Instant Videos on your Playstation from abroad?

To watch Instant Videos and Amazon Prime content on your Playstation from abroad you will need to either make changes directly on your router, or setup your Internet connection a bit manually on your Playstation.

For this purpose I can warmly recommend using the services of Unlocator, a brilliant SmartDNS service which will make you able to watch and enjoy Amazon Instant Videos and Prime videos (if you have a Prime membership) online on your Playstation, even if you are located outside the country in which you have an Amazon account.Visit Unlocator website

First of all you will need to have a US Playstation account to be able to download the Amazon application. To get this you need to visit and sign up for a US account and then use this as you visit the PS Store and search for and download the Amazon account. With this in order you need to use your Unlocator account and setup this on your Playstation.

Use your Playstation to watch Amazon Instant Videos abroad

Settings for Playstation 4

  1. Open settings on your Playstation.
  2. Select Network
  3. Click on set up internet connection
  4. Now you most choose custom
  5. Go for  Wi-Fi (or LAN)
  6. Pick Automatic when it comes to IP address
  7. You do not want to specify a DHCP Host Name
  8. Now comes the important. Choose MANUAL for DNS settings.
  9. Set Primary DNS to and Secondary DNS to
  10. Now you can test the connection and when this is done restart your Playstation.

Settings for Playstation 3

  1. Open Settings > Network Settings
  2. Now you need to open Internet Connection Settings
  3. You will be disconnected from the Internet. No problem, click YES.
  4. Choose custom setup, but leave all values in the same way until you come to DNS settings.
  5. Select Manual and input Primary DNS & Secondary DNS
  6. After this you just keep going and you will be offered to test the connection. Give it a try, save your settings and restart your Playstation 3.

As you have followed these instructions you should be able to watch and enjoy Amazon Instant Videos online on your Playstation no matter where you are in the world. More instructions and further help can be received directly from Unlocator if these instructions should not be enough!Visit Unlocator website

If you want to know more general information about watching Instant Videos and Prime Videos on any device from abroad, and on how to setup it up on your router, read the following article. If you want to buy yourself a Playstation then you can do so from Amazon as well. Read more about buying a Playstation from Amazon.

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