How to setup your router for watching Amazon Videos from abroad?

XBOX and Playstation and Amazon Instant VideoIf you have a device on which you want to watch Amazon Instant Videos and Amazon Prime videos online, then you will for sure be surprised and sad as you go abroad only to find out that it do not work. So, what can be done if you are located outside for example the United States and you want to watch an Instant Video on your Xbox, on your Playstation, or your Wii, on your Amazon Fire TV (Stick), on your Google Chromecast or on some other device?

The challenge as you want to watch Instant Videos and Prime content on for example your Xbox or a Playstation is that these devices will use your WiFi connection which is made available through your router. Your router is using the Internet connection given by your ISP (Internet Service Provider), which means that it will reveal your actual location and thus you will not be able to watch online content on your Chromecast or Xbox (or any other similar device) meant to be available for people in the USA only. A VPN is a good solution for watching Amazon Videos on a computer, a tablet or a mobile device, but it is not a working solution when you want to watch Instant Videos on a gaming device or a Fire TV Stick or on a Chromecast. So, what to do?

Watch Amazon Videos on gaming devices and more!

So, now it is time to reveal the solution. The best way to fix this is by using a service named Unlocator. This is a so called SmartDNS service and they let you try their services for free for seven days. Visit their website and sign up for free (all you need is to give them your email address). Visit Unlocator website

When you have signed up to the Unlocator services you will be given access to their so called DNS servers and you need to tell your router to use these DNS servers instead of the standard DNS servers provided by your ISP. This is very easy as Unlocator has detailed instructions on their website telling you how to setup their DNS services on all sorts of routers and they also have live help available online, so if you visit their website now you should be able to have this up and running within a few minutes from now!

On some gaming devices like the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 you do not actually need to make the changes on your router, but you have the chance to set them up manually directly on your Playstation. Therefore we recommend after signing up for the free seven days of Unlocator to read through their manuals and faq’s to see their instructions for how to setup their services either directly on your Xbox, Playstation, Wii, Fire Stick or so on, or if needed, how to setup their services directly on your router.

In general it is very easy to setup Unlocator directly on a router, all you need is to manually enter the DNS servers you want to use, save and to reboot your rooter, and this should work! But, visit the Unlocator website and get ready to watch and enjoy Instant Videos and Prime videos on your Xbox, on your Playstation, on your Wii, on your Apple TV, Fire TV, on your Chromecast, on your Google TV and all other sorts of devices from abroad easily!Visit Unlocator website

Have you tried this? If you have questions or comments just write! I would love to hear from you and to help, of course if I am able to!



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