How to buy an Amazon Fire TV Stick abroad?

Fire TV StickIt isn’t always that easy to buy an Amazon Fire TV Stick. The reason is simple, it isn’t available in countries in which Amazon Prime is not available. That is why you can currently order the Amazon Fire TV Stick in Germany, Austria and the United States.

For us who do not live in any of these nations that means we have to be smart if we want this to work. We had some friends in Germany bring one to us as they came visiting, but you can also arrange this with post forwarding services giving you a temporary address in for example the United States and then all post arriving to that address will automatically be forwarded to your address somewhere else. This is quite expensive, but it works.

But, a much easier way is of course to find some family or relatives in one of the mentioned countries and make them send it to you per post instead, because these postal forward services are really expensive.

If you still want to read a postal forwarding service read my article on how to get Amazon products forwarded to your home address in another country!

This is how to get your own Amazon Fire TV Stick, even if you live in a nation in which the Amazon Fire TV Stick is unavailable. Do not forget that you will need to trick your Internet connection to enjoy this to the full, because if you live in for example Portugal you will not be able to enjoy Amazon Prime or Amazon Instant Videos nor Netflix. To get this working you will need to make some changes to your router and get yourself a SmartDNS or VPN subscription. Read more about how this works in the following article!

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