Watch Taken 3 on Netflix

Taken 3 was the third film in the Taken series and hopefully the last. Well, I really liked the films, especially the first, but the idea is kind of used up so I guess there will be no fourth film coming here!

Taken 3 on Netflix

Taken 3 can now be seen on Netflix, and just like with Elysium, it has turned available on Canadian Netflix. It is easy to watch it there anyway, so just switch between the different Netflix regions and you can enjoy watching it easily, no matter where you are located in the world.


[stbpro id=”alert” caption=”February 2017 update”]Taken 3 can no longer be found on Canadian Netflix, but instead you can find it on Swedish and Norwegian Netflix and now also on UK and Irish Netflix.[/stbpro]

If I remember correct Taken 3 starts with the wife of Liam Neeson being called, and who is suspected for the murder? Of course Liam Neeson himself! And that is when this film turns into something quite similar to the old Harrison Ford film named The Fugitive from 1993. It might share lots of similarities, but it is still quite different and I must admit that even though the film was not receiving to much praise among film critics, I still enjoyed the film and had no problem sitting quietly in the cinema watching lots of action as Bryan Mills try to find the real killer of his wife and get his own name cleared from all suspicions.

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  1. I have seen Taken 1&2, and I am waiting on the third one. I have been waiting faithfully for this movie for some time. I think it is one of the BEST movies of all time. Could you please rush it through.

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