Watch Canadian Netflix abroad!

Canadian Netflix overseas

Did you know that Canadian Netflix rocks? Would you like to watch Canadian Netflix abroad, overseas, in Africa or maybe in the US? Keep on reading! But, before giving you the answer, let me tell you why I was so surprised recently to find out that Canadian Netflix really do rock. If you do not have the patience to read, just scroll down and read more on how to watch Canadian Netflix abroad further down.

Here at I mostly write about news related to US and UK Netflix and about new films and releases coming to those regions. And then I write technical articles on how to watch Netflix here and there and on different devices and more, and other troubleshooting issues. But, yesterday I got myself a little shock as I paid a visit to the Canadian Netflix only to find out that it really rocks, and if you have not used Canadian Netflix yet, you better get started! Or if already know how brilliant Canadian Netflix is, then you really want to get started watching it as soon as possible.

First I will tell you how to watch Canadian Netflix abroad, and then I will tell you why Netflix in Canada do rock!

Watch Canadian Netflix outside Canada

Why Canadian Netflix rocks?

Since I have this website I surf Netflix every single day, and I was greatly surprised as I suddenly paid a visit to the Canadian Netflix yesterday. What did I find that surprised me? Even though there might be more titles on US Netflix, it seems to me as if Canadian Netflix either invest more money in new films, or they get better deals on new films, because here I could find films that can hardly be found anywhere online except from as Amazon Instant Videos, but not available on other streaming sites. Some films on Canadian Netflix are not even made available on services such as HBO Now and NOW TV yet, but there they can be found on Canadian Netflix. That is why you should start checking out the Canadian Netflix as well, because there you will find lots of goodies that you can not find on Netflix in other regions such as the US or the UK.

Here are some of the films I found on Canadian Netflix that I would love to watch, or that I may have already seen, but would not mind watching them again. And notice that most of these films can not be found on for example US or UK Netflix.

I have placed some titles in bold, and those are the films which are new and simply amazing that they can already be found on Netflix in Canada.

  • Exodus: Gods and Kings
    The film where you can follow Moses as he leads the people og God out from Egypt. A film made in 2014.
  • The Hangover
    I am not a big fan of The Hangover, but with three films made in the series it means that there are lots of fans out there. This is the first Hangover film from 2009.
  • I Am Legend
    Follow Will Smith as he fights the vampires and does his best to stay safe in a dangerous world.
  • Nanny McPhee
    A romantic, nice and funny film with our beloved Colin Firth in the main role together with Emma Thompson. A very special nanny!
  • Fools Gold
    Not an amazing film, but still worth watching if you want a romantic comedy!
  • Get Smart
    A kind of a crazy action comedy with a lousy agent trying to be smart and to save the world.
  • Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb
    This is one of those films which simply came very fast to Canadian Netflix, as the film is only to be released on HBO Now in a few days from now, but it has already been about a month on Netflix in Canada. The last film featuring Ben Stiller as the museum night guard from 2014.
  • Survivor
    In this action film you can again follow Pierce Brosnan out there to save us and himself from many problems. This film was released in 2015, so brand new!
  • Wild
    In this award winning film with Reese Witherspoon you can follow her walk into the wild as a mean to discover who she really is and to heal her wounds from a divorce and more. This film is from 2014.
  • The Rewrite
    Hugh Grant always plays in some romantic comedy from time to time, and in 2014 this was his main act in such a film. Not the best Hugh Grant film ever, but still nice if you want a good time in front of the screen.
  • Mission: Impossible III
    If you like action, Tom Cruise and Ethan Hunt, then Mission Possible III is for you!
  • Maze Hunter
    One of the big films from 2014, and the follow up is soon about to come to cinemas all around the globe. The film was just made available on NOW TV and HBO Now, and it can of course be seen on Canadian Netflix as well!
  • We’re the Millers
    Follow this crazy comedy about someone who has to play family and to smuggle drugs into the USA, something that will lead them into different scenes that will make them get to know each other much better than they ever thought.
  • Two Days, One Night
    If you want a great film that is not from Hollywood, then this Belgian film will be the right for you to watch.
  • The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1′
    Soon the last film about the Hunger Games will come to our cinemas, but if you want to be prepared then you have to watch Mockingjay Part 1 first from 2014. And yes, you can see it on Canadian Netflix.
  • Confessions of a Shopaholic
    In this film from 2009 you can follow Rebecca, a girl who loves shopping, and loves to spend more money than she actually has. A funny film, a romantic film, and a film that might want to make you want to go shopping afterwards!
  • Oblivion
    One more Tom Cruise film, this one from 2013, will let you follow Tom Cruise as he thinks he is trying to save his kind, while the truth is much more complex.
  • Whiplash
    I was simply amazed to find Whiplash available on Canadian Netflix already. This Oscar awarded film about a drummer and his teacher (the teacher won the Oscar award) is amazing, and I am so much looking forward to see it!
  • Leap Year
    One more romantic film in the end about the girl going to Ireland to propose to her fiance, only to get stuck somewhere else and as she does her best to get to Dublin to propose, she meets a guy who might in fact be better for her than her fiance!
Whiplash on Canadian Netflix
Watching Whiplash on Canadian Netflix

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