Can I watch Netflix offline?

Watch Netflix offlineAre you a Spotify user who like the function that you can download the songs and listen to them offline? Would you like to see a similar function on Netflix? Is it possible to watch Netflix offline?

December 2016 update! Netflix just made it possible to watch content offline. Read more about it here!

Unfortunately the answer to that question is no! There are no ways to watch Netflix offline, meaning that you can not download a film and bring it with you and watch it somewhere where you do not have an Internet connection. If you want to watch films offline then you will have to buy a DVD version, Blu Ray version or so. There is a DVD rental option for Netflix users in the USA, but this is not really functioning anywhere else, so if the goal is to watch Netflix offline, the answer is quite simply no! Sorry about that!

But, if you have an Internet connection do not forget that you can watch US Netflix even if you are located overseas. Since a VPN can help you to get an American IP address it is now possible to watch your Netflix account even if you are located in another nation, meaning that you can watch Netflix online all across the world, even if Netflix is really unavailable in the nation you are currently in. So Netflix can not be seen offline, but you can watch it online from all across the world.

For more information about watching Netflix online, just click the link and read our article on the topic.

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