Watch Beverly Hills Cop 1, 2, 3 on UK Netflix

Eddie Murphy has always been an actor I like, though he was better back then than nowadays. The three Beverly Hills Cop films were always films I liked and that is why I was happy to see that all three films can now be seen on Netflix in the UK.

Beverly Hills COp

In Beverly Hills Cop we can follow Eddie Murphy who is a cop from Detroit, and it seems as if things happen in a different way than in Beverly Hills. Eddie Murphy speaks like a gun and do not work by the book, and that is something that scares off his partners in Beverly Hills a bit, but since he seems to get results, they also admire and follow him.

If you want to watch the different Beverly Hills Cop films online, you can do so on Netflix in the UK. To get UK Netflix you only need a VPN subscription which will give you a UK IP address, and then you can watch Netflix in the UK, even though you are located in the United States or elsewhere.

Read more on how this works in the following article, but if you already know what this is about, just go ahead and take a look at Beverly Hills Cop online on UK Netflix right away!

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