Watch Captain Phillips online on Netflix

Captain Phillips onlineTom Hanks is a great actor and in his role as Captain Phillips he is doing a great job again. His boat is first attacked by Somalian pirates, but they managed to escape. Unfortunately the pirates do not give up easily and the second time Captain Phillips and his crew is not that lucky and the boat is captured.

In this film we can follow the pirates who capture Captain Phillips and later take him captive. We get to see the real faces of the pirates and meet some of their thoughts and dreams, and of course a desperate Captain Phillips who does his uttermost to solve the solution.

You can now watch Captain Phillips online and the film is available on Dutch Netflix. To get this working you will need to have a Netflix subscription which is very easy, and then you need to get a Dutch IP address, which will make it possible for you to watch everything available on Netflix in the Netherlands. In the same way you can later use a VPN subscription to get a UK IP address which will make it possible for you to watch everything available on UK Netflix (and so on). Read more on how this works at our front page.

Is Captain Phillips worth two hours?

If you like boats or if you like Tom Hanks, this is a good film to watch. I watched it myself and had a really good time, and it was one of those films that I had to finish, even if I did not like it a 100%. So, if you read between the lines you will understand that I liked the film, but it was not at all a favorite. Interesting, and if you do not have another film more interesting to watch, then this is good action and entertainment for an evening or for a long lunch!

[stbpro id=”alert” caption=”October 27 update”]Captain Phillips can now be seen on Canadian Netflix as well! Read more about swapping between the different Netflix regions here.[/stbpro]

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