Watch Mamma Mia on Canadian Netflix

Just surfing around I just bumped into Mamma Mia on Canadian Netflix. It might be that this film is available in other Netflix regions as well, but if you want to see it, you can for sure watch it on Canadian Netflix at the moment.

I wrote my article about why Canadian Netflix rocks a few days ago, and the fact that I just noticed Mamma Mia as well just confirms my article in which I claim that Canadian Netflix seems to get good stuff often earlier than for example US Netflix.

Mamma Mia

In Mamma Mia you can see the famous ABBA musical on the screen and see famous actors such as Pierce Brosnan and Meryl Streep as they sing and have fun. This is a brilliant film which went straight into the hearts of millions of people, and personally I know people who went several times to the cinema to watch Mamma Mia. And, later they of course bought the DVD as well, because they wanted to continue listening to those famous songs such as Mamma Mia, The Winner Takes it All, Honey Honey, Money money money, Dancing Queen, Super Trooper and lots of other songs.

If you want to watch this film on Canadian Netflix, read the following article and start watching this and thousands of other films on Canadian Netflix within shortly.

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