Watch Survivor on Netflix

It is not very often, but from time to time you get to see films on Netflix made available in the same year as they were released. Survivor is an example of such a film.

Survivor on Netflix
This girl is a survivor in this film which I just watched on Netflix

Survivor is a traditional action film in which we meet the good girl played by Milla Jovovich, who has the role as Kate Abbott and where Pierce Brosnan plays a guy named Nash, also known as The Clockmaker, a brilliant guy who is an expert at bombs and killing. It felt kind of strange watching Pierce Brosnan as a bad guy and throughout the entire film I always had a hope that he would turn nice in the end. Did that happen? I will for sure not answer that question here!

Kate Abbott works for homeland security and do controls on people who apply for a VISA to the United States. She has a good nose for criminals and people with bad intentions, but not everyone is happy to have her put here nose into such matters. This is how she gets into trouble in the first hand and that is when London turns into a city where explosions take place and there is a crazy girl hunt going on as both Nash (Pierce Brosnan) follows Kate Abbott together with the local police and also Sam Parker (played by Dylan McDermott), the only guy who believe in the innocence of Kate.

If you want to watch this action film on Netflix, you just go ahead and watch it on Canadian or on US Netflix. It is easy and you can read more on how to watch Canadian Netflix abroad or US Netflix abroad in those linked articles!

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