Netflix coming to Spain today

Netflix in Spain
Ops, this was a map of France, not Spain!

Today is a big day in Spain and for many it will feel as if it is a new national day, because after many years of waiting Netflix is finally coming to Spain today!

So, on October 20th, that is the day when Netflix turned available in Spain and you do no longer need to use VPNs and SmartDNS services to watch Netflix in Spain. But, even though Netflix just turned available in Spain you may want to use a SmartDNS service like described in the following article anyway, because in Spain most films will not have English subtitles available, so if you are visiting Spain or living temporarily in Spain you will for sure miss all those great stuff that you could earlier enjoy on US Netflix or maybe UK Netflix. But, if you use a region switcher then you can easily jump between the different Netflix regions and enjoy not only Spanish Netflix, but also Netflix in all sorts of other regions, so this is a great day no matter what

I will probably not write to often about new films coming to Spanish Netflix, but if you want to watch Spanish Netflix while abroad, then the following article can still be recommended for you to read!

And if you checked out the map on the picture above, I am really sorry but it is a map of France and not of Spain. I noticed it before actually publishing the article, but guess I am to lazy to change it, so hope you will not be mad at me for this little mistake!

Have fun watching Netflix in Spain and do not forget that tomorrow Netflix will arrive in Portugal and in two days Netflix will be launched in Italy as well!

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