Watch Prince of Thieves on Netflix

Robin Hood oN NetflixRobin Hood: Prince of Thieves is not at all a new film, but it is more of a classic and here you can watch the traditional Robin Hood film in a funny and entertaining way!

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves was just added to US Netflix, making it easy for us all to watch it online. To watch it you will either need an American IP address or you can use a Netflix switching tool making it easy for you to switch between the different regions and watch films in all Netflix regions online with one single subscription. More about how you can do that can be found in this article.

In Prince of Thieves you will see Kevin Costner as the amazing Robin Hood who does his uttermost to bring piece and righteousness to the people. His helper is played by Morgan Freeman and as always Robin Hood has a love of his life that he wants to help and spend his life with.

If you want to watch this traditional Robin Hood film online then do so right away on Netflix! If you have questions or comments, just write here beneath this article!

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