Watch Inside Out on Netflix

The Oscar Awards are closing up and Inside Out might be awarded as the best animation film in 2015. Now you can prepare for the Oscar Wards by watching Inside Out on Netflix.

Inside Out on Netflix

It is quite amazing, but as I always say, Canadian Netflix is fantastic when it comes to bringing blockbusters and famous films out to Netflix early. In fact they always bring the best and newest films way earlier than US Netflix, UK Netflix and so on. And that is now also true for Inside Out which has just been made available on Canadian Netflix.

Inside Out was not an animated film after my taste. I had great expectations before watching it, but in fact I fell asleep watching it. That might have to do with the fact that I was very tired, but normally I have no problems staying awake if I watch a film that interests me. In the film we can follow the different feelings inside the human brain and how they influence the acts of that person and it is a great story and a great animated film, but to me it simply was boring. It might be that I watched Big Hero 6 a few days earlier, and that was a film I really liked, and thus I compared it to Big Hero 6, and found Inside Out to be really boring.

No matter what, if you want to watch Inside Out on Netflix you can do so on Netflix in Canada right away. To find out more about Netflix regions and how you can change your Netflix region, read this article.

Have you seen Inside Out? Did you like it? Feel free to write an article and share your thoughts. You can also watch Inside Out as an Instant Video on if you want to.

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