Lion King on Netflix?

Lion King on NetflixToday I noticed that Lion King had just been added to Netflix. It would be quite fair since lots of great films are added to Netflix every single day, like I mentioned in an article yesterday when I wrote that Inside Out had just been added to Netflix. But, there is a little minus to the fact that Lion King is added to Netflix, because it is not the first and main Lion King film, but one of the follow up films which are not at all as good as the original.

But, keep on reading, because it gets better! After the production of Lion King which became a fantastic success a follow up was of course made. It was called Simba’s Pride and was a terrible follow up film with poor quality and not at all the same budget as the original. It was released in 1998. Then, six years later a new film was released and it was called Lion King 1 1/2. That is the film which has just been made available on Netflix in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Luxembourg. If you want to change your Netflix region to make it possible to watch it, read more about how to do so here. Should you watch it?

To be honest, I laughed a lot as I watched it. I had no expectations at all to the film, but in fact it is much funnier than the original, and hundred times better than Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride. What makes Lion King 1 1/2 so cool is that the story is totally devoted to Timon and Pumba and they are sharing their view on the entire story of what took place in the first Lion King film. Let me share a short example. Do you remember when Simba is shown to the crowd from Pride Rock in the start of the Lion King film? All the animals bow down to show honor to this newborn baby. Well, according to Lion King 1 1/2 they did not bow down because of that, but because of a major fart released by Pumba forcing all animals in the area to the ground! So, this is a big time comedy and I enjoyed it a lot.

[stbpro id=”alert”]Notice that in quite a lot of nations the film was not released as Lion King 1 1/2, but at Lion King 3, so it might be that you know the film better under that title![/stbpro]

If you want to have some fun and have not seen this yet, but you are a Lion King fan, then this film is for you.

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