Error message F7111-1331-5059

Are you getting error message F7111-1331-5059 or M7111-1331-5059as you try to watch Netflix? Are you using a VPN or a SmartDNS service? That is probably what is causing this error!

Netflix has lately started their battle against people using VPN and DNS services to alter their Netflix region and thus gain access to content restricted to other countries. Now they have started blocking IP addresses used by such services and that is probably why you are receiving such an error message.

Streaming error
You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. please turn off these services and try again!

What can you do about error message F7111-1331-5059

What can you do if you receive the error message quoted above and F7111-1331-5059 is annoying you? The truth is that more and more get this message every single day and Netflix seems to take this battle very seriously. Some VPN providers work in one nation or a few nations, but in general they are mostly blocked all around. That is why I recommend you to do as follows:

To watch US Netflix

If you want to watch US Netflix, and even get access to some other Netflix regions, the best option is to use to the VPN services of ExpressVPN. They have worked continuously with American Netflix since the start of the VPN block, and they still do.

Visit ExpressVPN(start watching Netflix right away)

Click the button above and sign up for their services. Once you have their application installed you can connect to one of their servers and you will be able to watch US Netflix right away.

If you have further questions about watching US Netflix from abroad, click the link for more information on how it can be done and about other VPN providers that can be used for the same purpose.

If you consider leaving Netflix!

Have you considered watching the film you want to on instead? It might save you both time and energy, and with your StrongVPN subscription you can easily watch Amazon Instant Videos online, and you can get access to new films much faster than Netflix will ever serve them to you.

As of March 23rd you can, for example, rent Oscar awarded films such as The Martian, Spotlight, The Big Short and brand new films such as Mockingjay 2 at for 4-5 USD. That isn’t much for a film.

For full instructions on how you can use StrongVPN to watch Amazon Instant Videos outside the US and instructions on how to get started with this, read the following article I have written on the subject.

I can warmly recommend this method myself.

What do you think about error M7111-1331-5059?

Have you got any thoughts on changing your Netflix region? Would you consider watching films on instead of Netflix? Write a comment if you have something on your heart!


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